Overlay Blocker

Make Chrome smarter, able to detect and stop overlay popups

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Justin Bauer
Justin Bauer@bauermetal · Software Engineer & Email Dude, WedPics
Modals are often used to teach users how to use features and give them important information; how will this differentiate between useful modals and ad modals?
AdamMaker@goingplacestrip · Developer
@bauermetal Hi Justin, as explained in another comment below - the extension uses an algorithm I've been working on for a few months to determine use cases for good modals versus bad modals. This is the innovation I've been working on fine-tuning. Technically speaking, there's a few easy examples to explain that Kevin pointed out - on-scroll popovers or exit-intent modals. Though the extension listens for other possible modal triggers to determine between useful modals and annoyances. Although the extension not perfect yet, I'll be improving the algorithm with more use cases and included an easy way to whitelist sites before branching out into other browsers.
Would be curious to hear how this works! Does this also block exit-intent modals or just intrusive on-scroll popovers?
AdamMaker@goingplacestrip · Developer
@kevinyun The extension uses an algorithm I've been refining over the last few months after putting it through a large sample size and eliminating false triggers. This includes both exit-intent modals, on-scroll popovers, on page open, and more cases. Although it's not perfect yet and still has some false triggers, with time I'll be improving the algorithm's detection rate to include additional annoyance cases. Personally, using it gives me that happy feeling reading blogs and no longer seeing "please subscribe!"
Elizabeth S Hunker
Elizabeth S Hunker@elizabethhunker · elizabeth.ai
Yeah, find a new way to frustrate me while trying to endear me - this is a winner extension. @goingplacestrip
AdamMaker@goingplacestrip · Developer
@elizabethhunker Thanks for your comments Elizabeth!
AdamMaker@goingplacestrip · Developer
Hey Hunters, Long time lurker here on Product Hunt sharing some of the things I've built to solve problems that plague daily life on the web. Overlay Blocker is an extension that makes Google Chrome smarter, able to detect and stop a wide range of annoying overlay popups before they appear. Still working on a way to monetize this. Tentative ideas include a free plan and an unlimited use plan. For now, use the license code "producthunt" to unlock everything. I would love to hear your thoughts, feel free to AMA.
Shyjal@shyjal · Founder, Collect.chat
@goingplacestrip Just curious, how do you identify an html element as overlay?
AdamMaker@goingplacestrip · Developer
@shyjal Hi Shyjal, good question. The extension examines DOM elements during browsing to determine overlay characteristics and then evaluate these.
Jon Bales
Jon Bales@sucrose · Web Developer
The only difference between using this and blacklisting DOM elements using uBlock Origin is the hefty $40 price-tag... and it's on sale from $59! I'm kinda curious of the modal detection methods and how ambiguous the rules and/or patterns must be.
AdamMaker@goingplacestrip · Developer
@sucrose Hi Jon, still working on an ethical way to monetize this (speaking of adblock plus sellout). The price is not set in stone yet but I welcome your ideas as this is a smart community. (In the meantime, try free license code "producthunt" to unlock everything) The target market isn't necessarily product hunt users though, as you all tend to be savvy enough to do the method you described above (blacklisting DOM elements). I think this product fits more common users, with the benefit being automatic detection and protection. Regarding your question about the technical specifications: As described to Kevin in another comment above, there's a balance between the rules and pattern matching to catch annoyances while trying to minimize false triggers. It's not perfect. I've been optimizing this over a few months to get to the current version. This protection includes both exit-intent modals, on-scroll popovers, on page open, and more cases but I need more time and incentive (hence monetizing ideas) to improve the algorithm's detection rate. Open to your feedback and that of others from this community.