Overkill for Mac

Stop iTunes from opening when you connect your phone

Overkill is a simple, elegant Mac app, that runs in the background and makes sure iTunes never interrupts your work.

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Why not just: From the iTunes menu at the top go to iTunes>Preferences>Devices>Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically. Check the box at the bottom of that window. or Terminal: defaults write com.apple.iTunes StoreActivationMode -integer 1
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@niklausgerber doesn’t itunes still launch when you plug in?
@thejeremycarson Not with the terminal command.
@niklausgerber Hey Niklaus, regarding the setting you mention, this is the first thing mentioned in the announcement post linked - there can be many reasons on why iTunes would launch itself, here are some examples: - You click the play/pause key while listening to a web-based music player (e.g. SoundCloud, YouTube) - Someone sent you a link to an iOS app - You click on a link on the web, and didn’t expect it to be a Music link - You updated iTunes - You launch iTunes by clicking on the icon by mistake - You open a video/music file in Finder, and forgot to change the default app to VLC - You connect Bluetooth headphones
@krausefx Okay this I missed. Then it makes also a lot more sense. Keep it up.
Exactly one year after launching Overkill as a shell script, @krausefx and @danielsinger are re-launching it as a native Mac app. 🙌
@krausefx @jackdweck thanks for hunting it Jack! Was fun to work on this and iTunes is a thing of the past now!
iTunes preferences works. Now something that removes Photos from opening with any device at all with using terminal.
@androidlove overkill can kill any app, all the time :)

This was so much needed! Exactly what I have been looking for more than 6 months!


Helps prevent iTunes popping up automatically


You need to open iTunes manually once in a while to backup the phone. Totally worth it!

Great stuff. Installed it right away! :)