Outsite operates coliving/coworking spaces around the world. For just $99/year you can now access Outsite's global network from NYC to Hawaii (with more locations coming soon) at member's rates, as well as an active community and great perks!

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I am the founder and CEO of Outsite. Proud of this new membership as the team and I spent a lot of time talking to users and selecting the locations. I personally staid at all of them and you will find me most of the time between Venice Beach and San Diego! Hope to see you there!
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@manuthan was the promo vid filmed in Venice or San Diego? Extremely difficult to find one person of color in your vid or on your site. With all this new tech sprouting recently to cater to certain groups, have to ask: was this intentional?
@manuthan @hgsigala What do you think? You think people sat around a table and said, "let's only cast white people"? The more likely explanation is that they used people they knew because they're a startup and that's cheaper. Maybe their friends are white. They don't seem to be a massive company, cut them some slack.
@hgsigala @ryanwmark Of course it was not intentional.. That video was shot with current guests staying at the Venice location. If you look at our members profile on our home page, you will see that's it's pretty diverse... Not to mention, we have one Puerto Rican woman in our founding team...
Looking to design my life to what I want it to look like in 12-18 months time. Being free to live in different locations for a month or more is one of the key parts of that so I'm SO keen on Outsite. Great sounding locations! How about one in Australia too? :)
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Big hey, @bentossell I am also looking for life designers. Any chance i could talk to you via pm?
@bentossell Sidney, Melbourne or Byron Bay?
@bentossell @manuthan In terms of costs, it would be Byron Bay < Melbourne < Sydney. In terms of weather it would be Byron Bay > Sydney > Melbourne. In terms of access to start-up culture it would be Melbourne/Sydney > Byron Bay.
@manuthan melbourne and then byron. I have family in sydney ;)
I think you need to rewrite/clarify what's included for the 99$ flex membership, right now it seems to be very confusing.
@jarodise description updated! Thanks for the feedback!
I honestly didn't see too much difference before and after, I think you really need to clarify the fact that the 99$ only gets you the discount, not the "unlimited access", since the latter term can be very misleading, you should also clarify how long of a nomadlist membership comes with it, 1 year? 2 years? or lifetime.

Fantastic concept for nomads - I stayed at the Outsite location in Venice Beach, LA and was blown away by how well the space was designed, complete with standup desks and surf boards one could borrow to take to the beach. I notice that the flex membership gives access to the Nomad List slack group in addition to all the discounts and perks as well, so it's a win win!


Beautifully designed spaces - ideal for remote workers


Needs to expand further abroad

Emmanuel ! Want to do this badly - heading to Lisbon soon and like Pierre, super keen on more European hubs ---> Berlin and paris obvi would be great too !