Customer reviews widget to increase conversions

Customer reviews are the best way to reduce new user anxiety, and build trust with your customers. Capture genuine reviews from your email and display them front and centre on your website to increase conversions and trials.

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Hey everyone, one of the pain points I'v felt while working on products is that a lot of users were saying good things about the products I built. But there wasn't a way to really showcase this dynamically to other users. The widget is but a start to different ways in which you can showcase reviews. (More such widgets, email integrations can be built on top of this). Hope you like it / use it. I can extend trial periods for everyone for now. :)
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You can reach me at: shwaytaj@outreech.io

Works really well for me


Simple implementation and immediate wow effect!


Need more layouts so that we can integrate in a webpage and use URL targeting to show specific testimonials on relevant project pages