Automate your sales emails and reach more prospects on the phone than ever before with a high-powered Predictive Dialer. Unlimited leads, unlimited emails and calling (for most countries) already included. Free 14-day trial.

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We are very excited to launch our Outreach Automation features as a major step forward for sales productivity inside We didn't invent the concepts of Email Sequences or Predictive Dialing, but we think we do have the best experience for making salespeople more efficient by combining their CRM lead data, email automation, and call automation in one place – no 3rd-party integrations needed. For the dialer, we spent a lot of time streamlining the UI/UX so a sales person making hundreds of calls per day has the smoothest experience possible. We also worked hard engineering it to be FAST so that when somebody answers the phone you're connected and ready to talk to them. Happy to answer any questions!
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@philfreo Congrats on integrating predictive dialing. I've been hearing a lot about how well it works as a separate service like ConnectandSell, but being inside Close makes it easier to actually USE it. 👏 is a well-designed CRM SaaS. Very intuitive sales automation features.


This is a great B2B Sales CRM for Lead Generation and Closing deals.


Requires people to actually use the CRM, which is something you'll have to entice your team to do on a reguluar basis

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@stelian_dan the automated call feature in this product looks so efficient 💪 🕙 ! Did you create the tech internally or is it done through integrations with existing providers?
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@stelian_dan @lanre__akin To elaborate on Richard's answer – we do use Twilio for the underlying VoIP itself, but all of the calling automation / predictive dialing has been custom built on top of it. Tech stack: Elasticsearch, Postgres, Websockets, Python, React, etc.
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@stelian_dan @philfreo Awesome work, if only I had this during my cold calling days! 🤩
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Big fan of @steli. Can’t NOT support :-)