Outplanr is a new tool to help teams better manage their workload. Outplanr fills-in the gap between Project Management tools and resource management, helping allocate tasks according to everyone's availability, and keeping track of their progress in real time - and not only when it's done.

Great integrations with Slack and Asana. Check it out!

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Lots of competition in this sector @BrunoFigueiredo - what are the extra special bells and whistles for Outplanr that you felt were missing in the space?
@bentossell Hi Ben. We felt the need to turn long project task lists into something you could lay out into feasible work days. So we added "weight" to them and show them in a calendar format where you can see what your entire team is doing each day and how busy they are. In essence we merged resource and task management.
@brunofigueiredo Cool. Could you tell us a bit more about the backstory on this project?
@bentossell Sure. My background is in UX and while I was working in London for digital agencies I felt a little lost sometimes when my work pipeline went empty. When I started my own company and started having my own team, I also struggled to make sure they had enough on their plates. Tried a few tools but none of them gave me a good expectation on how that translated into work days, so in the end decided to roll our own tool.
@brunofigueiredo @bentossell I need to manage multiple projects, so I need a project layer, not just a task summary. Are there plans to add that?
@chriscchan @bentossell Not sure I understand your question. Everything in Outplanr is organized around projects. In fact it's especially useful to manage multiple projects as we have several views where you can see across several different projects at once.
Hi everyone! Excited to be featured on Product Hunt. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post them. I promise I'll answer every single one of you :)
@brunofigueiredo seems like the main site is down (won't load)
@vahanavagyan Hi Vahan. Sorry about that. Our servers are under heavy load by ProductHunters. It shouldn't be down, but might take a while to load. We're looking into increasing capacity.
@brunofigueiredo understood. By the way it's down for me (not just slow).
@vahanavagyan Where are you located, Vahan?
@vahanavagyan We just activated a Content-Delivery Network to deal with demand. Should be up in a couple of minutes.
This looks like it could be a really nice addition to the existing "shared efficiency" market. I'm particularly interested in weighting/scheduling task durations because, for me, this is the missing component in task management. If you can't tell what's important and actually schedule time to do it, you're only seeing a small percentage of the task/product/project ecosystem. Looking forward to testing it out!
@damrunner Exactly! That was one of our main gripes testing other tools. You can have a list of twenty 5min tasks you can deal with in a couple of hours or twenty 3h tasks that will take you days. Most task managers have uni-dimensional tasks, and it's very hard to predict workloads with them.
@brunofigueiredo so far I really like what you have. Do you have plans for third party integration? Off the top of my head it would be nice to plug-in existing calendars (Exchange, Google) so you're not duplicating the work to track meetings. I could see moving all of my task management over to Outplanr when there are options for managing projects/tasks/subtasks mobile, whether through a dedicated app or some kind of integration with reminders. Oh and obviously Slack integrations are almost mandatory anymore.
@damrunner The calendar integration is actually launching tomorrow :) The Slack integration is 90% done. And we have a mobile app coming real soon in our roadmap. We have some "mobile features" though. You can send tasks by email and you get emails with urgent tasks and a daily email with the tasks for the day.
This looks really nice. Didn't get to try it out just yet, but already liking the presentation. All the big task tools play with deadlines, which is terrible to work with personally. From the looks of it the approach here is given by time allocation, which builds up the task list and puts it all in the context of calendar. Exactly what I asked for a year ago when I was searching for such tool! Looking forward to testing it out when I get my access :).
@onekiwtf Thank you! Yes, that's exactly our approach. And unlike other tools, meetings you have scheduled count towards your workload as well. We're striving to achieve good day planning to stop downtime and last-minute rushes. We all need a better work-life balance :)