Order Bump

Display an irresistible offer in your Shopify Plus checkout

You know how you grab the candy 🍭 at the supermarket checkout line? Order Bump is THAT for your Shopify Plus store. Offer products when customers are committed to purchase and watch your average order value increase.
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New to this...so I'll start with why we built Order Bump. We’re the Vaan Group a digital commerce agency and we’ve spent thousands of hours figuring out different ways to increase average order value. Over the years, we’ve been contracted by huge e-commerce brands to do careful, thoughtful UX design geared towards nudging customers to a higher AOV). And during that same period of time, we’ve tried to crack the code with code. We’ve custom built, installed, uninstalled, trialed, and re-installed dozens of Shopify apps on behalf of our high-growth DTC clients to help achieve higher AOV. Pre-cart, in-cart, post-cart, exit intent etc. To get here, we studied the UX of the most persuasive website on the internet: Expedia.com and we became fascinated by the amount of impulse buying that happens IRL in store checkout lines. These two concepts came together and we realized that online checkout is the place with the highest intent to purchase and so we thought, let's help Shopify merchants leverage this. Then we built Order Bump!
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@x_armand this seems very Shopify like in terms of UX, i'll give it a try and share the feedback here in the platform
@tachfine_el_kendoussi Awesome! Appreciate the feedback :)
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Haven't used this yet but seems to fit into the native checkout much better than other apps for cart/checkout up-sells. Curious how the recommendation engine is built, is it dynamic based on variables?
@taylorsicard this is always the first question! We're new so right now it's pretty 'dumb'. You can select one product to show. If it's in the cart (or has been added via Order Bump) it does not display. We're thinking deeply about the recommendation engine though. We are considering using the Shopify product recommendations API (https://developers.shopify.com/c...) to dynamically populate upsells. We're also considering price-based rulesets (i.e if cart total is less than $50 show upsell A, if cart total is more than $50 show upsell B). Open to any insights on this! And happy to give you a demo if you're interested. You also hit on our impetus to build the app - as a Shopify Plus agency we were never big fans of apps that hijack checkout just for upsells (CartHook, OneClickUpsell, or Bold Cashier). They cause compatibility problems and remove the efficiencies of the Plus checkout.