Hosting digital furniture designs that can be made anywhere

Opendesk furniture is designed for inspiring workplaces, but it’s also designed to disrupt the traditional 20th century model of mass-production. Rather than shipping heavy pieces, we ship digital files, meaning our furniture can be made by independent craftspeople anywhere in the world.

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Hello all, So excited to be on Product Hunt! When we first started Opendesk my co-founder Joni and I were on a mission to rethink the way products are designed and made. As architects, we both had experience working on large physical building projects, but we were fascinated by the way digital technologies and the Internet were beginning to change our relationship with designing and making. In particular, we were excited by new digital fabrication technologies, and their capacity to lower the barriers to entry for makers, and the threshold for access to precision manufacturing tools. After designing the first Opendesk design (the Lean Desk - for our first customer Mint Digital, Opendesk was founded on a mission to build the world's most equitable and distributed supply chain. Our business model is targeted at benefiting a diverse community of designers, makers, and customers around the world, by hosting digital designs on behalf of designers and then connecting you to a skilled network of local makers to have your furniture made to order. Our fee structure ensures that you are supporting everyone in the supply chain with each order. Unlike the traditional industry, which tends to squeeze designers and makers, takes advantage of manufacturing where land and labour is cheapest and relies on complex supply chains and international shipping, with Opendesk we want to ensure that local making can become viable again through a global platform, delivering a more sustainable model - environmentally, socially and economically. I’m excited to hear your feedback and answer any questions you may have. Please ask away and tag @open_desk and/or @nick_diaconou so I can reply! Many thanks for the support, Nick
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@open_desk @nick_diaconou Big fan of OpenDesk - for the concept, designs, and the fact that it might have saved my marriage (that might be taking it a bit far, but it certainly removed some strife!)... "Oh, BTW honey, I just dropped a boatload of cash on a new 4'x8' CNC machine that is going to take up the remaining free space in the garage. It'll be here in 3 weeks" WTF!$!$#@#@!% Fortunately, I found Opendesk, and the "Layout Table" the next day, and my wife fell in love with the design for her new desk. I suspect we'll be making some other pieces for her architecture office as well. Disaster averted, thanks to cool design :-) Looking forward to building several of your pieces, and watching the selection grow. Keep up the amazing work! Question - I've filled out the "join as a maker" form a few times, and the gear just keeps spinning. I've never seen a response, so I think the form might be broken? Would love to know the maker details and how it works- what's the best way to get the info? UPDATE: Just filled the form out again, and it seems to have processed this time. However the link provided is a 404.
@open_desk @edholloway Hi Ed, thanks so much for the awesome post - made our day! Please apologise to your wife on our behalf for the initial shock, but so glad she was happy with the Layout Table 😄 Re onboarding, sorry and thanks also for reporting this issue to us. We'll dig around to figure out what went wrong for you there, but in the meantime, to find out more about joining as a maker please drop us an email to One of the team here will be more than happy to pick it up and explain! UPDATE: Thanks for reporting that redirect issue @edholloway - should be all fixed now!
Such a huge fan of Opendesk, I had the pleasure of using their first desks at Mint Digital and have been following their story since. So exciting to see new approaches to manufacturing and businesses thinking about the ways they make and the impact it has. 👍
@kayesymington thanks so much for your positive feedback! We owe everyone at Mint Digital a huge debt of gratitude for helping to get Opendesk off the ground and for the ongoing support ever since ❤️
@nick_diaconou This is a great idea. Bringing more business to local artisans who don't have the marketing scale that the big furniture companies do. - How do you source new makers? Do you actively find them, or wait for them to apply on your website? - How do you vet the local makers for quality before adding them to the platform, especially internationally?
@nneuman Thanks for the great questions, and so glad you like Opendesk! - We allow makers to sign up to our service themselves, either via directly, or via our sister directory for digital fabricators at We are always on the lookout for great makers around the world and the hope is obviously that we can provide them with a meaningful source of extra income as we scale the business. - We have an onboarding process which we ask all makers to go through should they wish to produce and sell Opendesk products. This involves providing information about the way they work, the tools and materials they have access to, etc. We also request that they produce a prototype piece and send detailed photography through to us and we ask various questions to assess it. At the same time, we gather information from makers on the way they produce the furniture and their prices against materials and processes, so that we can give them feedback on ways to improve their efficiency as they start receiving quote-requests from local customers. In the fullness of time, we will be looking at more reputation-based feedback for makers to help them improve their offerings and quality over time too. Hope that answers your questions and thanks so much again for posting!
was very fortunate to share an office and investors with this team, so had the opportunity to use their products everyday - the quality and design consideration really change an environment aesthetically, creatively and environmentally.
@mrandydavis Thanks so much Andy, and so glad you enjoyed using Opendesk furniture. Hope all's well with you!
Good idea and it's look nice !