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Finally make Figma links launch the Figma desktop client ⚡️

A free Chrome extension that redirects Figma file links the Figma desktop client.

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Fabrizio Rinaldi
co-founder and designer at Mailbrew
👋 Hi everyone! Lately I've been wondering why the Figma desktop client can't be set to open web links shared from Figma, for example on Slack. This is a big pain point for teams that frequently share links to files and to specific Frames inside the files 😭 Since I've been studying javascript and React (Framer X triggered me 👀), I realized that with very basic JS I could make a Chrome extension that fixes this problem by redirecting links shared from Figma to the official app URI ✨ So last night I created the extension and a little website to showcase it. Let me know what you think, and make sure to share it with your team 🤙
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so simple and so necessary


speed up workflow


no one

heh ) from now, I will stress less
On the contrary, when comment notification comes via email, clicking it, I want to open desktop Figma app and NOT the URL/ online version. Online takes too much power and doesn’t work for me. I know it is possible but I don’t know how to change it.