Get tech-life balance by cutting down on technology overuse

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Hey folks (and particularly @ria) - thanks for finding Onward. We started the company because our team has been touched by addiction and we thought it was time to bring new technology and approaches to bear to help people change their lives. After screen time, we will be introducing a series of other apps to help conquer other overuse behaviors and we welcome any and all of your feedback.
I've just heard about this and absolutely loved the thinking behind it. From the Onward website: "Onward is designed and built by a team of expert technologists whose lives have been personally affected by addiction. We are on a mission to help restore Tech-Life Balance by developing scalable, affordable solutions that give each of us the ability to change our compulsive behaviors free of judgement and stigma."
@tombielecki There's a free and paid tier for Onward. The free version includes our elegant reporting and the paid version includes the balance of behavior change features for between $15 and $30 per month depending on the program and duration.
Love this. Any chance there'll be an Onward Mac app?
@alifsajan Thanks for asking! We do have a mac and windows app, but you still need to have an iOS device to interact with the Onward program. We're working on standalone Onward for Mac and hope to have it ready soon.
Big fan of this... tech overuse leads to ZERO happiness improvement.