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I'm a real Landing Page geek and I know some of you are too. Have used Unbounce and Leadpages before (using Instapage + KickoffLabs right now) and just tried to use this product. It's pretty good! To be honest - Instapage and KickoffLabs are better builders in my opinion, but as I've noticed - everyone has their favorite Landing Page Builder. Could this be your? // 👦🏽Marcus, Founder - GARDANNE Watches - http://bit.ly/GardannePreOrderIn... (👈my latest landing page😉)
Looks promising but can't seem to get in to try it using Facebook Oauth, stuck on the "Loading ONTRApages" screen (https://app.ontrapages.com/#!)
@sarthakgrover hmm... Now I'm going to give you a typical customer service douche answer - "but it worked for me(?)" 😉 I hope someone from the team can jump in and help you soon!
@sarthakgrover Sorry! A couple of first-day bumps. Should be resolved now!
@landonray Thanks, It did work out after all! But from what I just heard from Customer Service, I cannot remove/delete my account once it has been created. So much like Hotel California policy, can only check-in but can't check-out?
One of the reasons I end up custom coding most of my landing pages is because @betalist rejects most sites built with stock themes. I find BetaList traffic to be helpful for early idea validation, and I wonder if these pages will be OKed.
@ashwinkiran_ do they block all sites that are built with these landing page builders or just the ones that look and are very "general"?
@ashwinkiran_ @betalist Curious if there has been any update on this…
@my_chiguai @betalist Here's BL's selection criteria: https://betalist.com/criteria While it specifically calls out the larger landing page sites, in my experience a self-hosted, purchased theme sometimes will get rejected. It seems that sites are reviewed case-by-case, so it's hard to definitively say whether a tool like will pass.
Nice & easy builder, I like it!
@dainiskanopa let me know if you have any landing page to show us! :)
@dainiskanopa Thanks Dainis! So glad to hear it!
I think ONTRApages is absolutely incredible. Of course, we made it.. so there's that. Of course there are a million landing page editors on the market, and many with free offers. What makes ONTRApages different is that it's designed for LEAD CONVERSION instead of simply making another pretty web-brochure. ONTRApages features like split testing, visitor tracking, and (soon!) 2-step, lightbox opt-in forms are now the basics for the modern online marketer. Also, drag-and-drop editors are notorious for breaking responsiveness (and bad design choices by users) so we opted for letting users select predesigned, full-width 'blocks' and then editing from there. This allows us to ensure responsiveness and nice clean, fast code while keeping the 'bumpers on' for users who aren't natural graphic designers. Of course, the one-click upgrade to the complete ONTRAPORT marketing and business automation platform makes getting started on ONTRApages a smart move, so you can get started knowing that you'll not outgrow the tools at your disposal. Thanks so much for the add @mkaroumi! And thanks for the feedback all!