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This probably serves 90% of the small business who are already on google spreadsheets tracking their customers and sales ;)
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This is not worth the amount of upvotes. Totally agree with @cavemanklaus, this is just some lead gen attempt.
@ralphmartynward @cavemanklaus Guys, hold on!! As someone that is doing Customer Development through a spreadsheet with filters, I do appreciate the ideas AND the implementation of those that are contained in that Sheet. For instance, I was using Filter views to filter things out, however, their sheet: Filter Opportunities looks like a better solution. They ask for nothing in return except that contact info and the landing page, I think it's fair game and offers value
Here's the link they send you after you have entered you details: https://docs.google.com/spreadsh... - Not worth it IMO. Seems like a lead-gen site.
@itsjoeturner Have you ever used a spreadsheet to do CRM?
How does this compare to something like @airtable?
@whoismaxpelzner just checked out AirTable, it's pretty cool!
This is a basic multi-sheet spreadsheet that can barely act as a pseudo crm, the main thing this looks like is an attempt at a lead gen play for https://www.prosperworks.com linked off the first sheet. Who is behind this?
@cavemanklaus I saw the same. And when I googled both names, found this in their TOS "Onesheet CRM reserves the right to use your name and/or company name, logo, and trademarks and to identify you as a Onesheet CRM user or customer, and for other similar marketing or promotional purposes on Onesheet CRM’ website and in other communications and collateral materials provided to with existing or potential Onesheet CRM customers, partners, and investors. To decline Onesheet CRM this right you need to email support@prosperworks.com stating that you do not wish to be used as a reference."
@cavemanklaus that's so funny. Good catch. what do think they are up to?
Due diligence FTW! Thanks for contributing that, @krysfree @cavemanklaus @prosperworks
@daviddlacroix my pleasure ;-)
@cavemanklaus Thanks for sharing that. My sentiment just went from "curious" to "suspicious". I'd be less suspicious if they were up-front about this on the marketing site.