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OneBar for Slack - is a chatbot, powered by the search engine of OneBar. It allows your team to search company's JIRA, Github, Google docs and other systems all at once and right from Slack.


  • Pros: 

    Useful, unique, human-friendly.


    waiting new releases

    Cool product! I'm using it for a week and it helps me in my work. Now i do't need to go into the JIRA and search spec with their search.

    Google Luck, guys!

    Александр Каленик has used this product for one week.
  • Ilya Vishnevsky
    Ilya VishnevskySoftware Dev.

    Search at whole company intranet. Under the hood, this baby has newest technology stack and natural language processing!


    Tiny problems with stability, which can be forgiven because of the incredibility of the product itself

    OneBar is awesome search engine for highly technical team, that use most popular products to increase their productivity. Now OneBar is one of them!

    Ilya Vishnevsky has used this product for one week.


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Maxim Leonovich
Maxim LeonovichMaker@maxim_leonovich · Co-founder at
Hi, hunters! We, at OneBar, have been working hard over the last month and today we're very excited to announce our new product - a chatbot for Slack. Together with OneBar, it allows teams to quickly search their JIRA, Confluence, Google Docs, Github and other systems right from Slack. You can mention or DM the bot to get search results, or if it thinks it has a high-confidence suggestion to something, you've just written, it will add it. It won't spam the channel, it will post all suggestions in replies. You need a OneBar account in order to use the chatbot and you can create one for free for 30 days. If you like the product and would want to purchase the subscription, here's the special promo code for this launch: ONEHUNT. Have a great day everyone, enjoy all the products launched today and don't hesitate to play a little bit with OneBar! We're going back to our monitors and will be making sure the site is up and sound ;)
Dmitry Birulia
Dmitry BiruliaHiring@dbirulia · Cofounder @Veryfi YC W17
Awesome product guys! Can't wait to get the full blown product into our workflow, tired of trying to remember where the different conversation happened, where some of our business files are, what the current status of some of the Jira tickets, where they've been filed... Keep up the good work.
Maxim Leonovich
Maxim LeonovichMaker@maxim_leonovich · Co-founder at
@dmitry_birulia Thank you!