Build an AI powered knowledge base right within your Slack team,Save messages, posts or whole threads from Slack to OneBar. Turn conversations

into documentation in just a few clicks.

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Ahoy, Product Hunt! Look what my friends at have built! 🔥 Keeping team documentation in good shape is hard, searching through it is even harder. These guys have some creative ideas of how it should be done.
Hey fellow Hunters and Makers! We spent the last six-month re-building OneBar from scratch, and today we're happy to share the result with the Product Hunt community! New OneBar is an AI-powered Knowledge Base for Slack teams. With OneBar you can: - Save messages and conversations from Slack - Organize and link information inside OneBar - Ask questions through the chatbot and receive suggestions - Assign unanswered questions to your teammates Use it to: - Build a team wiki - Enhance onboarding experience for new hires - Empower -ops and support teams with KB automation - Make remote (across time zones) help requests easier Sign Up within a week of this launch, and receive a 50% lifetime discount off your first paid plan upgrade. You don't need a promo code, the discount will be automatically applied when you upgrade. If you run a large (public) Slack community and struggle with the 10K messages search limit on the free account, contact us to discuss a free/discounted OneBar version. Same applies for edu and non-profits. P.S. It's still an early version software, and there will be glitches. Please, don't hesitate to poke us via support chat, and we'll take immediate action. P.P.S. We're extremely curious how does your team manage knowledge right now, what works and what not. If you have interesting insights you can share, feel free to shoot us an email, DM or reply right here. Thank you!
Best of luck, guys! Love the concept!
Such a great tool to organize information in Slack. I’m sure it will be very helpful for onboarding new employees. 👍 Have you tried to calculate how much time OneBar can save for a startup or for a large company with 1000+ employees?
Thank you, @irina_peregud ! Yes, on-boarding is one of our main use cases. In our "previous life" we had a lot of consulting experience, and went through on-boarding quite a few times ourselves. We definitely feel the pain, and we're optimizing OneBar for solving it :) Honestly, we haven't tried calculating potential time savings yet, but we're sure it's a lot 😉
@maxim_leonovich Thanks for answering. I’m saving OneBar to my productivity tools list:) You’ve developed an amazing product!👏🏼
Thanks god! Someone's created the tool that simplifies the life of startups who use Slack. Amazing guys! Will definitely use it 😉
Thank you, @veronika_lindorenko ! We'll work hard to make OneBar the best tool of a kind!