Life's worth remembering. Post once a day.

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After using the Once app for a few months, I am a huge fan. It's awesome to take a look back and see the most important/whimsical moments I've had on a given day, and to see the same for my friends. Once's creators are Peter Zakin (@pzakin) and Minqi Jiang (@minqijiang).
This reminds me of my convo with @gianorama last week about One Second a Day, an app for recording one second of your life a day (as the name implies). Other than the marketed use case (take a photo a day), it's unclear how this is different enough from Instagram for me personally.
@rrhoover what i like about it vs. instagram is the constraint/forcing function of one post per day leads to slightly different type of content - my Once feed is not cluttered with 3 instas in a row of food or the same event by the same user, which happens on my Instagram feed, and often has negative as well as positive sentiment, whereas almost everything posted on Instagram is positive.
@rrhoover @gianorama My buddy Danny did this with his wife's pregnancy, the video is really cool http://www.thedenveregotist.com/...
@nbt oh nice, it wasn't clear to me that it limited each day to a single photo. Like One Second a Day, I welcome this constraint.
@zackshapiro @rrhoover Yes, I love this! I've been doing 1 Second Everyday consistently since April of this year, and it's one of the best decisions I've made. I do think that video has a stronger impact in helping your remember these moments, with the audio plus video triggering your memories. Take a look at @cesarkuriyama's TED talk on this, which was a predecessor to the release of the app: https://www.ted.com/talks/cesar_...
Really appreciate the hunt, @nbt! @pzakin and I think the once-a-day constraint gives people an excuse to share things they otherwise wouldn’t on networks like Instagram—things that aren't announcements or pretty sunsets. The result is the build-up of a rhythm of daily posts from our friends. These posts tend to have very candid content that you don't often see published on other networks. We find that this “daily scrum” with friends has become a small way to feel closer and more present in each other's lives. Another, more self-evident consequence of the daily pattern is the gradual creation of a record of your life. @gianorama, We agree that video is a powerful medium for recollection and reflection. We’re thinking about a few ideas in this area.
@Timehop integration up next?
This feels like the iOS version of OhLife which recently shut down. Quite a few other web alternatives of OhLife popped up, which are all ways to post daily entries about your life through email. The daily emails include a blast from the past, and you can reply using any device since it all works through email. A few of those are https://Dabble.me (which I created), https://www.trailmix.life, and Ahhlife.com.