Your voice assistant robot with personality

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Nominated for 4 CES Innovation Awards; - Smart Home - Drones and Unmanned Systems - Home Appliances - Home Audio-Video Appliances A tabletop bot with its own smart assistant that recognises different household members and adapts it personality to suit each one. You can check out some coverage on CNET
"Where it differs from its rivals (Alexa & Google Home) is in its ability to be proactive. It could predict whether you might want to listen to music when you get home from work for example, as well as what you might like that music to be." - CNET
Hello! Nice! Let me introduce our Eightydays.me, we've been creating this over 2 years and launched 4 weeks ago

@ethnoza That's great that you've been working on your product for two years - however, this is completely unrelated to Olly. Please don't tarnish the PH community with spam.

Can’t wait to get mine




None really gets better all the time