Connect Trello cards to OKRs. Manage OKRs inside of Trello

Supercharge Trello boards by connecting Trello cards to your OKRs:
1. Manage OKRs right inside of Trello;
2. Always know how your Trello cards contribute to the company's objectives;
3. Boost your performance by focusing on cards that are connected to OKRs.
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🤙 Hey ProductHunters, We are with @tarasowski very excited to introduce our first product (Trello power-up) that supercharges teams that are using OKR framework for goal-setting and Trello boards for project-management. Now you can create and manage OKRs in power-up right inside Trello and then connect Trello cards to it. Why did we create it? We used OKR framework for years and there was no direct connection between project-management tools and OKRs. As a result, it was harder to manage OKRs, align teams, prioritize the backlog of tasks, get an overview of which tasks really contribute to the company's objectives. What are the benefits of it (we at least think so): - You get an overview which Trello cards contribute to which OKRs; - You can prioritize better due to OKR badges on Trello cards; - No need to switch the context between spreadsheet and Trello. OKRs inside of Trello; - It communicates the importance of a task through an OKR label on a Trello card. How to use it: 1. Add OKRstudio power-up to your Trello board; 2. Create your account and add team members; 3. Add OKRs and assign it to team members; 4. Connect Trello cards to your OKRs. Check it out! We'd be very happy to hear any feedback and critique. p.s. Do you think this is really useful? Let us know in the comments.
How is it integrated with Trello?
@kryshe4ka It's integrated via Power-ups. You can install OKRStudio power-up from the marketplace, so it will be available right in your Trello board and you will not have to switch between different tools. Both OKRs and project management will be in one place.
@kryshe4ka The cool thing about OKRStudio is that you can use it as a standalone tool too. It is not mutually exclusive with Trello.
The very needed thing for more effective management of results-oriented teams! Good job!
@angelina_dmitruk thanks for your feedback! Yeah, it's really must-have for results-oriented teams :)
@angelina_dmitruk Thanks Angelina. Regarding effective management, we are offering a concierge service for our customers. We are sharing how to manage teams with the least amount of effort, with the least amount of tools. In most cases, managers try to over-engineer the management processes and it becomes a burden for teams to work. We can partly help to solve such kind of problems, but not all of them.
I have been following this product for awhile I really like the way that is came out! Ready for the Jira version since most of my client are using Jira
@dean_chanter_agilechanter_ Thanks for supporting us here and giving the feedback. Looks like you have been talking to Andrew all the time. Nice to e-meet you here!
I like the idea. How specifically does it help to prioritize tasks? Good luck folks!
@kuolldev thanks :) When you connect a Trello card to an OKR, a special badge is automatically added to a card. So if you look at Trello board with dozens of tasks, you will clearly see which of them connected to OKRs and helps to reach the company's objectives. And when you think what task you need to do now, OKR labels will clearly communicate its importance.
@kuolldev what do you think about it? Will it really help to prioritize the tasks?
@kuolldev Also, I want to add a concept that we have introduced w/ OKRStudio. The concept is called "immutable goals". The idea was taken from the best practices of software development. Once the goal is set there is no way to change the objective and key results. The only thing you can do is to add the progress during your weekly check-ins. The immutability of goals forces everyone to think deeply about their goals and key results. This is an effective management technique that helps people to pick the right goals for a quarter.