Oh Dear

Monitor your entire website, not just the homepage

Complete website monitoring: from multiple locations, broken links, mixed content detection, advanced SSL certificate reporting.
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Heya! πŸ‘‹ A bit of surprise listing for us, as we didn't actually submit it ourselves - but so cool to have others submit it for us! 😍 I'm Mattias, co-founder of the Oh Dear monitoring service. We recently launched some cool performance monitoring (with pretty graphs), have extended our SSL monitoring offering to help with soon-to-be-revoked certificates and will launch our cron job monitoring in about a month or two. We've been growing at a rapid pace, adding features every step of the way! πŸ’ͺ If anyone has any questions: reach out! Mattias
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@mattiasgeniar This is amazing!! Just inboxed you on Oh Dear FB page. If possible then please reply me. Thank you
Looks cool! Great job!
I'm a customer for already 4 months now. I joined their service as I feel it is one of the best services comparing price to value, especially for smaller companies like mine. The team behind OhDear is great and they try to innovate everytime, plus you can integrate your alerts basically wherever you want.
@fabito thanks Fabian! πŸ₯³
@fabito @mattiasgeniar Thanks for the kind words
I really like this! I'll definitely be subscribing.
@anamari04907875 Cool! Welcome onboard! If you have any questions, let us know!
We started using Oh Dear recently and we are very happy about the decision. Over time we tried many services but we ended up with Oh Dear. It has many cool features and you can definitely rely on the team behind it.
@zoxta Thanks, we care deeply about monitoring and hope it shows! πŸ™Œ
@zoxta @mattiasgeniar Glad to hear that. Please tell all your friends πŸ™‚