Collect, manage and resolve all office chores in Slack

OfficeAmp makes it easy to run an efficient office and gives employees a one-stop shop for all of their requests and questions. Need a snack in the pantry? Want to book a flight? Order some lunch? Manage the office inside your favorite app - Slack. No need for a barrage of emails, texts or calls.

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    Easy to use, saves time



    Give it a try on Slack.

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    Super useful



    Love the way this looks! Excited to use it!

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UjjwalMakerHiring@dillisingh · Maker of trouble. Cruncher of code.
Thanks for hunting us @chrismessina Hi PH, I’m Ujj, Co-Founder of Anaek. Our team is excited to launch OfficeAmp for Slack. Running a happy office requires orchestration. Fresh pots of coffee every few hours, ensuring we have plenty of protein bars, printers are stocked, everyone has all the headphones and mice they need. To save us from the barrage of emails, texts, calls and taps on the shoulder, we built OfficeAmp to manage the office right from inside Slack. Why we think you will love OfficeAmp: 1. Need a snack? Have a question? Want to book a flight? Let your office admin help you become happier and more productive. 2. Our AI helps you categorize and prioritize your issue. So when you type in “Need to buy a new HDMI cable”, it will be categorized as a “Purchase” and assigned to the relevant office admin. 3. Everything in Slack. No more lengthy email threads, calls or employees bugging each other about issues. 4. Run reports to get insights on what’s required for a happier office. Our team succeeds if you do. We provide live chat support and onboarding to help you build a productive workplace Take it for a test drive. We are looking forward to your questions and feedback.
Matthew John
Matthew JohnHiring@tmatthewj · Building Typito - Canva for videos
Common underrated problem in 50+ teams. Glad that you guys have thought through the pain points and made life easy for admins and employees. Definitely checking it out and recommending to some of the folks I know!
UjjwalMakerHiring@dillisingh · Maker of trouble. Cruncher of code.
@tmatthewj Thanks for the love dude. Yea, we saw that growing teams don't have enough options to help manage such issues using good quality, easy to use software. Looking forward to your feedback on the product once you start using it in Slack. Cheers!
Eliza Morrison Nimmich
Eliza Morrison Nimmich@helloeliza · CEO, Tutor the People and Learnt ™
A smart solution to build happier workplaces and make office management fun for everyone. I like it!
UjjwalMakerHiring@dillisingh · Maker of trouble. Cruncher of code.
@helloeliza Productive and happy workplaces are what we are here to build. Glad you found it interesting. Feel free to give it a try and your feedback will be priceless.
Ty Magnin
Ty MagninHiring@tymagnin · Dir of Product Mktg Content - UiPath
Cool product team. Think we might actually need this @appcues between now and when we get our first office manager!
UjjwalMakerHiring@dillisingh · Maker of trouble. Cruncher of code.
@tymagnin I hope so too! Will be great to grow together. I noticed @appcues just launched a new product as well. Here's to growth!
Romain Lapeyre
Romain LapeyreHiring@romain_lapeyre · Co-founder @Gorgiasio
Hey! Great tool. Seems super easy to install and use. I'm wondering - do you answer to the exact same value proposition than Hivy ( or would you say you're different? Also, you mention a reporting feature, is it in Slack as well? Thanks!
@romain_lapeyre Appreciate your feedback. In terms of value proposition, we are solving a very similar problem to Hivyapp but difference mostly lies in how the product works. We have tried to keep the system minimal, yet we have support for things such as support for multiple offices. We are a Slack only product and try to never send folks out of Slack. As far as reporting is concerned, you can get a quick snapshot of your issues right inside of Slack but then we do support detailed reports in the form of a downloadable Excel file. We are working on building out a dashboard so that slicing and dicing data to get insights on the everyday chores in office. Stay tuned for that. Do try and let us know what you think!