10-episode podcast featuring interviews of blacks in tech

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This is how the podcast started, I wrote a blog post (http://www.will-lucas.com/blog/u...) where I had these lines: "It’s not enough to tell a black youth to work hard and they can realize their dreams. Sure, there are some outliers. What makes the difference though, particularly in technology, is for young black boys and girls to see someone who looks like them building a big company, employing hundreds or thousands of people, or realizing a liquidity event. Without a black Mark Zuckerberg, this is hard stuff." The mistake in the above though, if you didn't notice it on your own, is that I neglected to reference our own success stories; people like Paul Judge, Ken Coleman, and Kathryn Finney. This podcast is my effort to fix that mistake so everyone will know their names, and that they'll never be excluded from the conversation of tech heroes.
Thanks for checking out the hunt! I'm the host of the show. If you have any feedback or comments, please share!
Fun fact: The incredible @jaywashradio, an engineer at Snapchat did the intro music for the show.
I see several familiar faces. 😊 @will_lucas - I know this is an unfair question but if I was to listen to one episode, which one should it be?
@rrhoover of course, they're all fantastic :), but to be honest - my absolute favorite is the Makinde Adeagbo (of Pinterest) episode 1/10 from Season 1. Then, the Charles Hudson is great - so is the Michael Seibel... crap. I've failed.
@rrhoover the Charles Hudson episode is great. The Erin Teague one is too!
Humbled by this love you guys.