Oculus TV

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Oculus TV is your new living room, wherever you are. At the center of the Oculus TV experience is a sleek, modern, and entirely immersive viewing area. Designed with comfortable lounging in mind, this new space is blissfully distraction-free, making it the perfect place to binge watch your favorite shows or catch up on the latest Hollywood hits.

Just tried it. I've been watching Netflix on my Oculus Go and it's awesome! Oculus TV is bringing in all your content from Netflix, Hulu, Facebook Video and other media apps. This is going to be great to have in one hub. For me I really don't care about sitting in a virtual living room. One thing that the Netflix VR app has is that you can get out of the virtual living room and just have a huge screen in front of your face. You can enable this driving mode where the screen slowly moves to be perfectly aligned with your view. So you can position your head in anyway that is comfortable. I hope this is added to the Oculus TV app. Overall I enjoy watching video in VR. Way better than sitting in front of a TV. @nivo0o0 explains it best. https://www.producthunt.com/post...
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I don't know many people that watch TV in VR, but @Nivo0o0 is one of them. Curious to hear your thoughts on this, Niv. I'm a Netflix Party fan although it lacks a feeling of presence that VR (and perhaps AR down the road) can provide.
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@rrhoover super excited about this! I've been watching Netflix and movies in VR for the past 2 years and to me, it's a better experience than watching on a traditional television for 3 reasons: 1) I can't watch TV – I am always on my phone, get distracted, and don't pay attention. This is different in movie theaters, where it's not socially acceptable to be on your phone – but at your home, the 2nd screen is the 1st screen for me, and in VR it's harder to do that. 2) My own movie theater/perfect TV setup. It feels like you're watching content in an IMAX theater, or the coolest home theater setup in the Netflix living room (and the Oculus TV living room from what it looks like). 3) The TV is anywhere. You can be on your bed, in the pool, on an airplane, starring at the ceiling, on your couch – wherever – and the TV is there. You don't go to it, it comes to where you are, and without any background distractions like people talking, sun (glare on the screen), distracting others by having the TV on, etc. P.S. I wouldn't compare the not high HD resolution to a $1,000+ television. I think that most people will not own a TV, and instead watch TV & movies on their phone, laptop, iPad, etc. In compared to that, watching in VR with a $200 Oculus Go headset (which has a lotttt more use cases than just watching entertainment) makes a ton of sense (and I prefer it) https://medium.com/@nivo0o0/why-...
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This is what I don’t understand about VR. We need better _use cases_ before it will ever blow up. I don’t think the thing that’s going to take VR mainstream is my ability to sit in my _actual_ living room that has an _actual_ TV and put on a VR headset that just allows me to watch that same content, but in a _virtual_ living room on a _virtual_ TV.
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This is so stupid I can't even believe it. I find it hard to find the words to express how ridiculous this is given the current state of VR technology.
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@mpsyp How so? I know plenty of people who enjoy this, myself included. I can watch shows sitting next to my friends while they're across the country. So how ridiculous is this?
I do like the potential VR brings, but with that said having a headset always on seems like too cumbersome. I think AR/MR has more potential in this space. I would rather have 3D on a surface than a wearable that is going to act as the visual aid.