We’re excited to usher in the next era of VR gaming with the introduction of Oculus Quest, our first all-in-one VR gaming system. Oculus Quest makes it easy to jump right into the action—with no PC, no wires, and no external sensors.

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This is important. It may not be the "iPhone moment" for VR, but it does suggest that single-device VR is coming and will make it so much more accessible to a broader audience.
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@chrismessina VR is a slow burn. 5 years ago, many of us thought we'd be further along than we are today. I'm not sure if we'll clearly see a tipping point, or an "iPhone moment" like you describe, but instead slow, quiet adoption toward the mainstream.
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@rrhoover perhaps, yeah. I guess the question is whether companies will continue to be willing to foot the bill over how many successive generations it'll take to seed broader adoption. Or there may be no "iPhone moment" per se because VR is like the space program and is throwing off all kinds of benefits in AI and ML that the techniques and advances will show up elsewhere, but not necessarily, or primarily, through a head-mounted display. Watching the Oculus livestream now and it only reinforces this perspective.
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@chrismessina Oculus Go is cheaper than this - so why this will make VR more accessible? My issue with VR headsets is the experience requires shutting out the real world, which makes it tough to find a time to actually use it when you don't live alone. I think this is why AR has more potential and Apple has put its efforts there
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@burtherman Oculus Go is really only a "sample" of "some of the aspects" of VR and after experiencing full VR, I almost wish it didn't exist as it may cause people to think "that is it." If you try a modern headset like the Rift, it turns out what makes the complete package of VR really is the controls. What's happening on your face is really only half of it and allowing your whole body to interact inside the virtual worlds completely puts it on a different playing field. The Oculus Quest is the first product like that that doesn't also require a $2,000+ computer to run. I was a VR skeptic until first experiencing it in all its glory - making this experience affordable is rather exciting and easily could be the next big platform disruption. As far as separation from the real world, that's true in a sense, but it's simultaneously one of the most social experiences you can have in the digital world. I connect with siblings around the US and it's amazing how it makes us feel closer than video chatting can. At the right price points, there's no reason why you wouldn't also own a few VR devices to connect to your family in your own house in VR. I got one for my wife and we love playing everything from Tennis to Escape the Room games, to competing in music games like Beat Saber with lightsabers. The ability to bring people together (even in their own homes) shouldn't be underestimated.
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@chrismessina @burtherman While the GO is cheaper, it's still a 3DOF device. The Quest is the first Stand Alone 6DOF device from Oculus which provides a giant improvement in use cases and overall immersive experience. AR definitely has it's place but to hit the proper form factor for AR, we've estimated that you'd need to get down to a device that weighs no more than 70 grams on your face. That's a long ways out.
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VR had a lot of friction. This removes all that. At this price point, I don't see how it doesn't go mainstream.
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@tiborudvari I see. There is not much of a use for VR yet, even for a portable one. Games... meh, there are not enough good games to sell that platform. Job in VR? Drawing, architecture projects, etc... maybe, but not this generation for sure. AR fits here better. There will be adopters, but that will be hard to call the mainstream. I think we'll see mass adoption when: a) it will be even more compact, like the size of a glasses b) it will have the use for social communication, etc.
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@kyrylo I can see a lot of people buying it for Christmas as a gadget, more like a gaming gift than a tool for now for sure. Although 3d modeling and scultping software is getting pretty advanced

Good price point, decent form factor, good optics, sound and the hand controllers, 6DoF and huge room freedom make this a next step up for VR.


Complete VR system (wireless+controllers+6


Not sure of continuous use comfort and endurance, no AR ability

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I don't know. For gaming... sure. But like @chrismessina said, it needs something stupidly revolutionary to make sense for a wider market. I'm also biased because I'm afraid of VR becoming mainstream and ruining the generation below us. But that's for another time. 😬
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