Is Oculus Quest 2 worth it?

Oculus Quest 2 mention in "Is Oculus Quest 2 worth it?" questionYes - According to, the Oculus Quest 2 is a significant improvement on its predecessor and is definitely worth it.

  • It has 6 GB of Ram, which is a 50% increase from the original.
  • The base Quest 2 has 64 GB of storage, and the premium model has 256GB of storage.
  • The Oculus Quest 2 is also lighter and more comfortable to wear
  • Less expensive at $299
  • Lens inside headset can be moved to three different positions based on face size and shape
  • Controllers offer better rests for your thumbs
  • Now powered by disposable batteries which are less efficient yet more convenient than plugging in controller to charge

For those interested in one of the best VR headsets and experiences available, and who don't mind the $299 price tag (plus additional money for games), then the Oculus Quest 2 is a fun and worthwhile investment.

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