New consumer AR app that recognizes your body / adds effects


Octi allows users to augment themselves, their friends, and their worlds. Octi’s proprietary human mapping and gesture detection technology uses a smartphone camera to recognize the human body and overlays contextual 3D effects. Octi's recognition happens in real time using cutting edge mobile neural networks and mobile machine learning.

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Idea and technology seem very strong! Looking forward to new features!


Looks awesome!


looking forward to higher penetration and network effects!

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Thank Kirill!

Tried to use the app, but not possible. I hope you can fix this issue soon.


Looks good


I can't access it. Not possible to enter a Norwegian phone number

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Hey Baard - Thanks for the feedback, helps us make Octi better. :) There was ambiguity around how we handle international numbers. We just released a patch for this - should be live now. Feel free to message me directly if you still have phone number issues.

this product can create instagenec videos


super cool! precise image processing


looking forward to see more filters

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Thank you! Be on the lookout for more effects and filters as we continue to build

Don't sleep on this


You can make sick AR videos with Octi that you can't make with other options


More of my friends should be on be on it, but that's just a matter of time

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Appreciate the kind words!
Thank You, CJ!