New consumer AR app that recognizes your body / adds effects

Octi allows users to augment themselves, their friends, and their worlds. Octi’s proprietary human mapping and gesture detection technology uses a smartphone camera to recognize the human body and overlays contextual 3D effects. Octi's recognition happens in real time using cutting edge mobile neural networks and mobile machine learning.

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The app looks silly/fun but I'm curious what the Big Vision(tm) is for Octi. Please share, @drew_martin!
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@rrhoover Thanks Ryan, We are big fans of Product Hunt @Octi. The BIG vision is to build the bridge between the physical and AR/VR world with machine learning and computer vision. Most of the effects in the Octi App are very silly and fun, but the underlying technology powering them is actually a ground breaking method for recognizing the human body in real time and reconstructing it within 3D space using a regular camera. In the future, look for us to release new product features that fundamentally change how users interact within videos and eventually Virtual Space. We are a small team that is working hard to create something special. Thanks Again, Drew
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I'm incredibly excited to hunt this really fun and cutting-edge product. Octi is an AI camera app that sees and understands humans in your videos and lets you do some very cool stuff by using neural networks on a mobile phone. The app sees people, understands their movements, and then lets apply effects, or cut them out of one video and into another. Octi has one of the most exceptional technical research teams I've ever had the pleasure of investing in and working with, and I'm really delighted to see it out and in the market today. They've got some extremely impressive backers from some of the best companies in the world. Check it out!
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@eamonncarey - thanks for the hunt! It's been incredible to work on this product, and even more exciting to release it! Looking forward to hearing everyones thoughts and comments
@eamonncarey Thanks for hunting us Eamonn. You have seen where we have gone from start (almost two years ago) to now. The journey has been awesome and we are only getting started. Let's spread the word about Octi!
Been an early Octi tester and the product keeps getting better. While Snapchat is good at recognizing faces, it's not very good at recognizing human body and movement. What fun filters are possible when computer vision understands human movement? Animations like lightsaber battles, exploding high fives and bitmojis that copy your dance moves. Excited for the future of AR and Octi.
@harryraymond Thanks Harry!
The app looks fun! waiting for Android version to download!! :)
@su_kyung_kim - Android is in the works. ;)
@lukasschulte1 is there an email signup to be notified when this is happens?
Love the demos! When will it be available to people with non-US numbers?
@steventjenkins For non-USA numbers, please type out your whole phone number including country code when signing up. This is a UI/UX fix that will be fixed in next build update tomorrow. Thanks!