O.school O.riginals

Original videos & GIFs to learn sex, pleasure, & dating


O.school Originals are medically accurate videos and articles that offer a judgment-free zone on sex and pleasure. Our mission is to help billions of people unlearn shame, heal from sexual trauma, develop skill sets to communicate what they want and don’t want, discover new sexual desires, and most of all - own their own desires.

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Health Educator at HIFY

I'm so grateful to O.school for making available this abundance of important sex information that everyone deserves access too!


High-quality content and design! Amazing website, amazing mission, amazing team. Love the o.riginal videos, so engaging!




I’ve been nothing but impressed by the O.school community. They have created a safe space to learn, ask questions and feel good about sex and pleasure .

I am an instructor on O.school and I love tuning into livestreams as well. There is so much valuable information that has been shared. It is truly a revolutionary website!

Oh, and did you see that giant clitoris!


Please based sex ed, diverse group of educatoes, free


Needs more streaming slots, only

livesreams right now.

Just me

Intelligent sex education and discussion for the adult set. We could use more open discussion of sexuality from a non-partisan, no agenda, educational perspective.


Practical, accurate information about sex in easy to take in formats


If you miss a live session, you just missed it.