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O.school is a shame-free place to learn about sex and pleasure, powered by live streaming & moderated chat.

Our Pleasure Pros help people overcome shame, heal from trauma, and pursue their sexiest and most pleasurable lives!

We offer daily live streams on everything from “How To Buy Your First Sex Toy” to “Oral Sex 101" to "Sex After Birth"

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Hi Product Hunt! We’re thrilled to be here. O.school is a shame-free place to learn about sex and pleasure, and we offer daily live streams on everything from “How To Buy Your First Sex Toy” to “Oral Sex 101" to "Sex After Birth". I’d love to answer your questions and we’re really looking forward to your feedback.
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Great launch @abarrica1 @kennystone @colegottwald! As I commented on in @rrhoover's tweet, this is an intriguing product/service. I have a close friend who's studying to be a sex therapist and we discuss how open communication like this can greatly benefit relationships & self-esteem. Having a transparent area like this to explore some of those sex education topics that might not be covered in school health classes appears to be a good opportunity. Of course, as with any topic like this, I think moderators will be key in keeping the service and community on a positive and respectful level. I think, though, given the right amount of moderation (which I'm sure you've discussed and planned for), this could be a great informational tool. Sex-tech seems to me to be one of the emerging areas full of interesting possibilities. Congrats on a cool launch!
@kennystone @colegottwald @rrhoover @adammarx13 Thanks Adam, we definitely have spent a lot of our team thinking about moderation, as it will be key as we grow. Our live streams start at 1pm today if you want to tune in and check it out live!
@kennystone @colegottwald @rrhoover @abarrica1 Awesome, can't wait to see how this grows and evolves! I may miss today's stream, but have made a notation to look into it later this week. Will also share it with a few of my friends who are more knowledgeable about this space than I am; happy to pass any feedback your way. Cheers! :D
@kennystone @colegottwald @rrhoover @adammarx13 so appreciate that, Adam! Look forward to your feedback
Spot on analysis @adammarx13, I'm bullish on sex tech 🤑
Nice work @kennystone @colegottwald @abarrica1! I read an article about how Gen Z are awful at sex because everything they've learned is through porn 😱 there's still so much harmful stigma + shyness around talking about sex I hope we are getting closer to changing that. What were some of the challenges you faced when trying to make this project come to life?
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Thanks so much for your support, @abadesi - many people have learned most of what they know about sex from porn (which is like expecting people to learn how to drive well from Fast and the Furious movies) which is a big reason why we started O.school. Our challenges include many of the common challenges live streaming platforms face, as well as unique ones due to the stigma around talking about healthy sexuality online (especially as women and queer people), like having educational ads constantly denied by social platforms or the challenges and work it takes to create harassment-free zones online.
You're so right @abadesi, porn is a dominant source of where we get our sex skills. I appreciate the conversations on O.school I've been in that reduce shame, stigma and give people different options for having the kind of sex that brings them the most pleasure possible.
I love O.School because as a teacher I can access a community of professionals, and connect with more people. I love O.School as a person because there is so much to learn about sex and it's great to have one place to go to access all kinds of topics and information in a shame-free and accessible space.
@sofia_fortin thanks sofia, really appreciate having your voice in our community.
@sofia_fortin teaches about Tantra on O.school all they way from northern Canada! www.thehappyvaginaproject.com @HappyVProject and I've learned so much from her streams.
As a college-aged person, I'm thankful I've found a space to learn that which was never taught to me in high school! I watch O.school weekly, and most of the times with friends. I've recommended this platform to so many because of the variety of topics and how it can accessed anywhere.
@hannah_grabowski Thanks for these words Hannah! I love teaching on this platform - I'd never get to connect with and meet people like you who are searching for sex information that's credible, fun, shame-free and accessible.
@hannah_grabowski Thanks Hannah - we can't wait to meet more college students like you. What's been your favorite streams?
@abarrica1 I love everything tagged dating and culture, and sex after trauma related streams have been helpful for me and my community!

I am a Pleasure Professional here on O.School who is here to promote shame-free and non-judgmental information about sex. Chances are, you might be like me, a person who did not get sex education in middle/high school. Maybe you might be a person who did sex education, but it was abstinence-only and featured lots of scare tactics (Miracle of Life Video).

This platform is a great opportunity to tune in to daily streams that feature topics like: Kink 101, Understanding Your Body, Unlearning Shame, Sex Toys, Strip Tease, Learning About the Industry, and other topics related to sexuality. You can't find this anywhere else.


This is a free platform to use as a sex educational resource!


Not enough hours in the day to talk about sex education.

Thank you Jess! We love creating this space online for phenomenal educators like you to get your message to even more people who need shame-free sex advice.
I totally agree Jess! I only had access to abstinence based sex ed growing up and conversations around pleasure didn't happen in my world until my late 20s.