The graphing calculator that makes learning math easier.

The graphing calculator that makes learning maths easier

Ergonomic, open source and evolutive, the NumWorks graphing calculator is designed for today’s needs with today’s technologies. NumWorks makes learning maths easier for everyone: professors or students… and it perfectly suits the whole high school curriculum.

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10 Reviews5.0/5
Much better looking than my old TI-83. 😁
@rrhoover But all those programs you could store formulas in secretly?! And the games?
@rrhoover We didn't have iPhone's back in high school...TI-83 was it! Great for storing all those formulas 😂
Can't talk about maths because I'm allergic to that but this calculator is a beautiful object 😍
This makes me want a graphing calculator, and I don't even need one.
Very nice design! Any thoughts to make a test-taking approved version? How adding about a screenshot function on there?
@peytonhayslette Thank you Peyton! It is already allowed for use on the ACT. And it is currently under review by the College Board for use on the SAT.
Wow - it's about time for innovation in this space. Only used TIs since there was no other choice