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A SQL pad that gives you x-ray vision for your data


Numeracy is a lightweight SQL pad that gives you powerful querying and visualization for your database or data warehouse. Instead of a 20 row preview of your query results, Numeracy gives you an interactive table with automatic statistics about each column. This helps you iterate faster, spot errors, and understand your data at a deeper level.

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Cofounder & CTO, Bloc

I've used Numeracy to perform ad-hoc data exploration on several different datasets and to collaborate with colleagues using the results of the explorations. The team is super responsive to feedback and support requests.


If you're used to SQL and excel, you'll feel right at home. Sharing is easy and the queries are fast.


There are lots of alternatives, but none quite like Numeracy. Only cons are tiny hiccups every now and then, but not show-stoppers.

Co-founder, Spotbot

I'd love to have an on-prem version so we could use this at work!


Very fast, slick interface


No on-premise solution

Founder, Assorted Bits

The team behind Numeracy are some really talented folks I worked with back in my Dropbox days. That culture of thoughtful user experience design coupled with deceptively well executed technical work carries over perfectly to Numeracy.


The interface is clean, responsive and makes it super easy to query with its handy autocomplete and schema visualization.


I'm looking forward to them adding organization around saved queries.