Numeracy 2.0

Write less SQL, faster


Numeracy is a SQL pad that makes writing, iterating, and visualizing faster at every step of your analysis. Version 2.0 includes the launch of parameters that let you avoid writing convoluted SQL syntax, beautiful dashboards, and hundreds of refinements to the query editor.

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Tom Moor
Steven Kabbes
Steve Bartel
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  • Tom Moor
    Tom MoorBuilding Abstract

    Beautiful design, just the right amount of features


    Still need to brush up on SQL skills to use

    I've been using Numeracy for the last 6 months to track analytics on a wide range of metrics in a SAAS service.

    Having built KPI dashboards for my own startups several times in the past I wish Numeracy had existed back then – with less than an hours work you can have a dashboard that aggregates data from across your application. You'll refer to it every day to help you make core business decisions.

    Tom Moor has used this product for one year.
  • Steve Bartel
    Steve BartelSoftware Engineer

    The fastest way to query a database. I haven’t opened psql since I started using Numeracy!


    I wish they could auto-import our dashboards instead of recreating them manually.

    The whole engineering team at ZenSourcer team loves how easy Numeracy makes it to write queries, whether that’s to quickly debug a customer issue or throw together a quick analytics dashboard.

    Steve Bartel has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Fast. Beautiful. Fast. Column statistics are incredibly useful.


    Historically is has been dashboarding, can't wait to try it out in 2.0.

    In getting Bright solar off the ground, I've tried several tools from psql, pgcli, pgweb, Metabase and finally Periscope. For quick analysis, nothing even compares to the raw speed of Numeracy.

    Numeracy gets out of my way and lets me write SQL, but goes above and beyond. The automatically calculated column statistics of any query have already helped me identify and fix data bugs I wasn't even looking for, and the "record view" for JSONB types is singlehandedly saving my vision.

    This is the simple SQL tool I've been looking for since the first time I used phpMyAdmin, and is steadily replacing my BI use cases too.

    Steven Kabbes has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    the fastest, easiest, most collaborative way to query a database


    there's nothing out there as good as this for what it does

    Our entire team has been using Numeracy for a year+ -- it's been rock solid and many of us use it daily. Don't know where we would be without it!

    Nick Bushak has used this product for one year.