Nudge for Prototypes

Catch usability issues and design mistakes pre-deployment.

Collect insights on mockups, staging webpages, and most public URLs with our new no-code offering. Avoid costly design issues by catching them before they’re shipped or even conduct competitor research. Powered by Qualaroo.
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Cody Halff
Would have loved to have this when building out our prototype... We used a mix of and Intercom, which was great in a lot of ways, but in both situations you're gathering feedback AFTER the user has interacted with your product. Feedback at the point of interaction will always be more accurate, and easier to gather.
I didn't like making tests as it always involved a lot of hassle - meeting people one by one, manually going through the reports and analysing them etc. I feel like this tool might finally change it!
So, don't I need install codes, GTM, PM approves and all that stuff to test my early stage products? Can I validate my competitive products? Questions widget just for links (like directly from prototyping tool)? heavybreathingcat.png
Paulina Wójciak
CEO at Qualaroo
@jabudzynski yes, yes, and yes :) We built it specifically so that you can iterate on prototypes before shipping it to the public. And yes, we built it because we know sometimes getting approval to insert a code into your SaaS or website takes ages. And sometimes this means also going through security approvals in the company. Here, no code is installed so it's safe and no security processes will slow down your testing. You also don't need to hoop it up with tag manager. This feature works perfectly if you would like to ask your users questions about your competitors website. Just as prototype URL you can copy their URL and our Nudge will behave the same way. And finally, yes, directly from prototyping tool. Just remember if your prototype is password secured, then when sending link to your prototype with our nudge to your users for testing, you need to give them password. And of course they will have no chance to edit the prototype itself.
At last a fine tool for prototype testing! Time saving and quick to adapt - that's absolutely it!
Finally a useful tool to test prototypes! I was missing such a solution