Ask your customers to leave reviews without being creepy.

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Hello Product Hunters :) I'm super excited to post my very first product on PH. I spent the last 2 months building this by myself :D and I hope this can be useful for all those who run a physical business. πŸ’‘ The Idea The purpose of Notority is to help business owners to generate more customer reviews on Google Maps (for now, Facebook and TripAdvisor and more to come if idea gets validated) by sending reviews requests to their clients trough SMS (which I think is the most efficient channel). πŸ€” Why We all do online search before getting in touch with a professional (plumber, dentist, whatever...) and usually we rely on existing reviews to decide which business to go for. The main assumption here (backed with some data and articles) is that few customers leave reviews spontaneously because it requires some time and energy to find the location on internet... find the review section... leave a review... so in the end of day, it is usually the unhappy customers who leave reviews πŸ™which is not always fair. What would be fair ? Make it easier for business owners to ask their customer to leave reviews without being creepy. // Marketing start With Notority, business owners can "take back the control of their online reputation" πŸ€™ // Marketing end βœ… Features - πŸ“² Send review requests by SMS to customers - πŸ”„ Sync reviews from Google Maps - βœ‰οΈ Reply to reviews directly in Notority (replies get posted in the original platform) - πŸ“Š Analytics on reviews to see evolutions and trends - 🧐 Track review requests - πŸ‘₯ Add team members and manage permissions - 🎯 Set monthly review requests targets - πŸ’… Customize review request message πŸ›  Building I built Notority (design + code) alone with Stackoverflow during off times and weekends. It is made from scratch in Laravel (PHP), VueJS and TailwindCSS which are super cool frameworks to build products on! And it is hosted on AWS. I'm not a dev in real life, I taught myself to code. So in that sense, I feel pretty happy with the result πŸ™ˆbut would love to get your feedback to help me improve this! πŸ€‘ Revenue Notority has a monthly subscription model, that is a $29/month plan which gives you access to all the features above (100 review requests / month, 10 users). I might add some new plans in the future which would include a multi-location feature (for business managing multiple locations). You can check it out on and let me know what you think! πŸ™ I'd love to hear your feedback. Please be super honest and real, so I can improve this.
Hey hunters :) which "review platform" do you think I should add next? Foursquare? Yelp? Trustpilot? Else? Thanks πŸ™Œ
@mirzikio Yelp for sure. Since a lot of people still using Yelp nowadays.
thanks @tourlancer, not sure Yelp provides an API to retrieve reviews though, will check it out ;)
Hi Avak, I am interested in what you're trying to accomplish here. I don't quite understand what service you're providing though. Are you saying that you're going to send SMS to customers on my behalf? How do you know my customers? How are SMS review requests less "creepy" than requests on other mediums?
Hello @genemillerjr, thanks for the interest, I appreciate :D No SMS are not sent on you behalf. There is a Review request feature where you choose the costumer you want to send a review request to (by entering his / her phone number). For the "creepy" part πŸ˜›: I often get asked by restaurants, hotels.. to leave reviews on their online pages, and it's always an awkward moment for both parties (did you experienced that too?). Here, the SMS makes it less awkward since you decide "offline" if you want to leave a review or not (on top of have a high conversion rate when compared to email for example). Besides, you can customize the SMS message to make it more natural within the context. Hope this helps πŸ˜‡
Hey Avak, this looks cool! I'm working on something similar at Reviewshake (, PH launch coming soon. Perhaps we should talk :)
@philip_kallberg Nice πŸ˜ƒ=> Twitter DM, I just followed you ;)
Well done :) Just two comments: - IMO, Google Maps, TripAdvisor and Facebook are the three most important platforms to support. Consider implementing the other ones carefully. - The footer gets hidden by crisp (yay french tech)
Thanks @buzzb0x :) Yes that's what I think as well. But depending on the countries and industries, you might want to integrate different/industry specific platforms. Facebook is in progress (although they have suspended application reviews for the time being given their recent troubles). Haha well spotted for the footer (and nice troll 🌝) but it seems to be a recurrent issue. Might add some padding there
@mirzikio Oh I was actually happy to see someone use crisp rather than Intercom