Share your accounts without giving username/password

#4 Product of the DayMay 09, 2020
Notopass is an Android App that lets you share your account with others without revealing your username or password and also control their access anytime.
The invitee can open logged in account in the mobile app or in the desktop using chrome extension.
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Hello Product Hunters! Are you worried while sharing your account credentials with others as it might be misused or can be further shared? Here, I have made something which might be useful for you. Notopass is an Android app that will let you share your accounts like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, or even Udemy & Coursera to your friends/family or colleagues without sharing your actual username/password. It works basically on the concept of cookie sharing. Here, you are required to 1. Create a group from available accounts on the Notopass App. 2. Log in once into the account, we record your session and encrypt the data using the AES-256 encryption method within your phone. No username or password has been taken from your device or stored anywhere. 3. Invite your friends to download Notopass and add them to the created group. Now they can directly access the logged-in account inside the app through web-view or they can enjoy on the desktop through chrome extension by just scanning the QR. Still, have doubts? do check out our FAQ page - Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback :) Thank you
Amazing app. Unique concept to solve most relevant problem of nowdays I.e media streaming. Impressed.
Love the concept! All the best.
What stops the guest from going into your account settings while on the notepass and changing your account settings?
@thebarber Invitee can change the setting which are allowed by services (Netflix, Prime videos, etc) without the need for password. Notopass is not controlling user behaviour, they are just setting the session on invitee app( through web-view) or on the browser (using Notopass chrome plugin).
@thebarber I hope this will answer most of your queries -
Great idea, great concept but it's makes me worry about my cookies. 🤔
@mehmetalicode Glad, you liked it. For your concern, mostly you will share the account with people you can trust. Also, In the worst case, you can expire the cookie whenever you want from the app only. ( Just open the mobile play and sign out)