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#3 Product of the DayNovember 16, 2015
Sure! Basically we took everything we learned from promoting 1000s of articles and blog posts on and found that just tweeting at the people/companies you mention in your posts is enough to lead to big increases in traffic. We carved our full product down to its simplest form so that it's dead-easy and whets your appetite for the other more advanced tools we offer. The process of building it out was freeing because everything fell into place so beautifully. Where our parent product has a lot of advanced uses that can be admittedly a little daunting to some folks, Notifier is highly approachable and can be plugged into your marketing routine so easily because it only takes about 60 seconds start to finish.
Woot! I just used this on a client blog post. Notified 6 tweeps that they had been mentioned in our blog post in record time. I'm in.
@sujanpatel & @colinmatthews - perhaps you could tell us the story behind this, how it differs from others in the space, and what the development process was like?
This is awesome! Well done @sujanpatel & @colinmatthews :)
This is pretty awesome you guys @sujanpatel @colinmathews