Collaborative notes for you and your team

Notejoy is a collaborative notes app for you and your team. It helps you get your most important work out of the noise of email & Slack and into a fast and focused workspace. Thereby helping your team organize the vast majority of institutional knowledge that today never makes it to a doc or wiki.

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Hey PH, Ada here, co-founder of Notejoy. @sachinrekhi and I started Notejoy because we're both passionate about productivity and power-users of many productivity tools out there. We saw a real gap in today's team productivity tools however with how often document links get lost and how challenging it is to keep them up to date. As we built Notejoy, we built for teams in mind. However, the first bar we wanted to clear was nailing it on personal productivity. We spent the first year just getting Notejoy to the point where it's fast, reliable, and a joy to use. We built in keyboard shortcuts for speed. We brought Notejoy to iOS, Mac, and Window so we could use it everywhere. We made search fast and usable, and tracked the load time down to the milliseconds. We cleaned up copy-paste into the document, fixing all the annoyances of reformatting pasted text. As the product came together, I had a hundred-bullet list for Sachin of all of the annoyances and pet peeves that I encountered day-to-day in my personal productivity. As we cleared that bar, we focused on team scenarios next, taking in feedback from our hundreds of beta users and our personal experiences with teams big and small. What happens when the number of docs balloons and many people come and go in an organization? Notejoy is built for helping teams capture, organize, and find information in those scenarios. We built in reactions, threaded discussions, and note views to speed up the pace of collaboration. We introduced the ability to Archive notes as a first class citizen, so you can mark something as old and lock it from edits without doing what many teams do, writing 'Do not use' or 'Old' in the title. Notejoy even integrates with Slack, bringing updates and notifications directly into your workflow. The list goes on. We built Notejoy to try to solve all of our biggest productivity pet peeves. And as we continue to develop the product, we'd love to hear yours! What are your biggest pet peeves in productivity & team collaboration? Please let us know your thoughts and feedback! Ada
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Notejoy is one of the best products this year, and I’ve come to rely on it every day. With its focus on collaborative note taking, it’s become indispensable for working with others to draft essays, write important emails, take down meeting agendas, etc. I use the iOS app to write notes on the go, and the desktop app to go deeper on ideas when I am at my desk. It all instantly, seamlessly works, which is amazing. Over the years, I’ve used Evernote and google docs for the same kinds of tasks but find them lacking. Evernote has become slow and clunky, and it’s hard to work on notes together. Google docs is great for larger, longer docs, but it’s too heavyweight to use for a quick couple bullets or two, when I’m on the go. Plus each doc has to be shared on individually, which is a pain. The notejoy team has done a great job putting it all together. 5 stars.
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@andrewchen Google TeamDrive solves the problem with individual sharing

I’ve been using Notejoy since it’s early MVP to collaborate with a friend on a project. It has been fantastic and made Is more productive. Even better is that the founders are super responsive to questions and feedback. This is a true labor of love for them and it shows!


Built with collaboration from ground up


Need to have your team commit!

Hey Product Hunt! Sachin, co-founder of Notejoy here. First off, huge thanks to @hnshah for hunting us! Notejoy is a real-time document collaboration tool that's built to be a better way to organize your team docs. What inspired us to build Notejoy is the pain of team collaboration. We hear all the time from teams big and small, "Can you send me the link to this doc?" "Can you give me permissions?" "Why isn't this up to date?" The reality is that tools today aren't making it easy to get on the same page to discuss our ideas, and making it near-impossible to search for past work when we need it. Notejoy is taking this on, and we're different in a few key ways: 1- Search is way faster. Compared to Google Docs' experience of slooowly loading multiple tabs, Notejoy's snippets and fast load gets you what you need. 2- Sharing is radically simple. In Notejoy, you make a team library and invite people into it. Once they're in, everyone sees the same content in sync across all their devices. No more permission hell. 3- Fast, light-weight editing. A lot of things don't get written down because it's too short to deserve a full-length document or it's a pain to format. Notejoy's editor is beautiful and light-weight, so you can capture a few bullets or a full proposal. We'd love to hear your feedback here in the comments, via the app feedback button, or @sachinrekhi on Twitter. Sachin p.s. a few pro tips: - Don't forget to download the Mac, Windows, or iOS apps. Android coming soon! - Type '?' in the app to reach our power-user keyboard shortcuts - You can create a team library with any group of people, doesn't have to be in your same domain or company
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@hnshah @sachinrekhi I'm curious what you think are the advantages of using it over a product like quip?
@hnshah @ozlubling check out @adachen's reply to @rrhoover below as I think she summarizes the advantages over Quip well:

We've been using Notejoy for the past few months at my company and we couldn't be happier. It's the perfect mix of light-weight notes and a powerful document editor with great support for teams.

Once I started using it, I found myself pasting thoughts in there right away. The search is way better and my docs are more organized and findable for the entire team. I put things in Notejoy that used to get lost in Google Docs or Slack, because this way I know I can get back to it. In our team, we use it to manage everything from to-do lists, place to store research and other things I just don't want to lose, and it's become a great place for us to work together!


Beautiful UX, light-weight, great organization, iOS app