Legally notarize your documents online, anytime.

Notarize is a service to legally notarize documents through a live video from your computer, iPhone or Android device, available 24x7.

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Hey everyone! Psyched to get this out into the wild. Will be here if you have any questions, but it's pretty simple. Notarize is the first on-demand remote electronic notary service, allowing anyone to legally notarize a document from their iPhone 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It's valid nationally and connects customers with licensed Virginia electronic notaries by live video call. Simply download the app, prove your identity, fill out your document, and sign before a live agent to have it notarized instantly. Whole transaction takes 3-4 minutes.
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@patk LOVE this, bravo!
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@patk incredibly useful - feels good to have this service now
@patk It seems like your website is not loading some CSS styles. It's loading default system fonts for me on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
@ugaldealex should be fixed. thanks for flagging!
So, I never have to visit UPS again? πŸ‘
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@rrhoover Right! Last time I needed a notary it was a Sunday, long story, but I had to track down a title agent friend who I still owe a favor to. Love this app!
Love that video!
@_tomki Me too, absolutely brilliant !
Excellent! Will you guys have an API so we can integrate into our document flow when needed? (Real Estate)
@maxnucci API + SDK is definitely something we're considering.
@patk πŸ‘πŸΌ
Love this, @patk. I swear you always find you need a notary at a time when notaries are not available. I added it to my helpful tools collection.
@corleyh @patk Once travelled to four different banks to find one, and then I had to wait for 20 minutes at the last bank while the notary finished his lunch. πŸ™
@geoffreyweg @corleyh I've heard so, so, so many stories.
@corleyh @patk I definitely agree with this. I can actually see it being super helpful to college kids, as sometimes they need things notarized when the college offices might be closed. I had a similar experience when I was a senior with some forms I needed to have done, and would have certainly loved to have a tool like this to use. :D