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Beautifully branded CBD gummies delivered every month

Not Pot delivers beautifully-branded, CBD-infused polar bear gummies to your doorstep every month. Their team of PhD scientists designed the supplement with the entire hemp plant, taking advantage of all its healing properties instead of isolating just one component. And no, it won't get you high. 😋

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Hi! 👋We’re Not Pot. Our mission is to #freeplantsandpeople aka destigmatize hemp and fight against criminal injustice—on our own terms. Our first product is a daily vegan CBD gummy (shaped like a polar bear). Here’s a deep dive 🌊into what we care about. Research 👩‍🔬 Due to the legal complexities preventing robust cannabis research and high-quality clinical studies and trials in the United States, our research and development team works hand in hand with some of the most prominent members of the medical and scientific communities in Israel who are at the forefront of medical cannabis research and have co-authored more than 160 scientific publications and secured over 46 patents. Design 🎨 While efficacy is the backbone of Not Pot, design is in our DNA (& what we seriously geek out about). Behind the scenes is an all-star cast of industry veterans: the branding was done by the same Parisian designer behind Glossier (she came up with Glossier pink!), as well as creatives who have created the most memorable campaigns for Casper, Hims (the famous cacti photos!), and Buffy to name a few. Together, our bad🍑 creative team has transformed Not Pot into a friendly, science-based, and socially conscious lifestyle brand with the intention of de-stigmatizing hemp while mobilizing moms and millennials alike to show off their favorite CBD products to friends on Instagram and IRL vs. hiding them in the back of their drawer. Criminal Justice Reform 🕊️ Almost half of all drug arrests in the US are for simple cannabis possession, and every year, more than 600,000 people are branded with lifelong criminal record, preventing them from being able to get employment, housing, and federal financial aid. As US companies, led by mainly white men, get billion-dollar valuations on the Canadian stock market, and our fellow community members simultaneously sit in jail for simple possession, we feel we have a moral obligation to bring awareness and justice to these issues. To that end, we’re proud to work with The Bail Project, a non-profit organization designed to combat mass incarceration by disrupting the money bail system through a revolving bail fund. Using profits from sales, we pledge to pay bail for one person in need every month.
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Can you speak to quality control of your product? A peer reviewed study found many CBD products contained CBD levels different than advertised and some actually did have THC. I’ve heard even hemp has low levels of THC. Do you have third party analysis for example, confirming substance levels in your product? Many thanks for your thoughts on this.
@mpascoe - If you're concerned with quality control CBD products. Check out Green Roads. They post all their 3rd party lab testing per batch. They have QR codes on each product, and a Lab Sheets tab on their page
@mpascoe Hey Mike! Thanks for asking. I'll be careful with what I say publicly, but I'm confident our testing is 100x better than any "lab or potency" 3rd party testing. The standard "lab/potency" testing in the cannabis space is completely unregulated and the dirty little secret in the industry is that you can pay to play (in other words, if you're not happy with the result, you can pay to change it). People will deny this happens, but I've seen it happen numerous times. Instead of focusing on these tests (even though we've done them just for the sake of it), we spend tens of thousands of dollars to do pre-clinical testing with some of the top Israeli cannabis scientists who've been able to perform pre-clinical and clinical studies for decades. It's more expensive and takes longer (months as opposed to one day), but we think it's better. We're coming out with a big study Q2.
CBD is a sleeping giant in the supplement industry. We started selling CBD shots at my family's bakery – people loved them. We now sell more CBD than black coffee. 😳 Excited to see @kati_holland & team launch for a few reasons: • The product is beautifully branded (same design team as Glossier!) • Looks yummy and focuses on destigmatizing CBD – California Dreamin' (YC) similarly. • They're focused on donating profits to fight wrongful convictions in drug cases. 👏👏👏 to the team!
Love the branding, @kati_holland. 👏 The homepage doesn't talk much about the effects or value prop of using CBD. Is this for legal purposes or am I missing something?
@kati_holland @rrhoover yes, would love to see some more information about the benefits of CBD on the landing page.
@rrhoover thanks ryan!!!! it's for legal purposes right now (unfortunately we have to play certain things safe) but stay tuned!!!
All this talk around CBD, how on earth do you keep up?! Check out YooForic hemp oil infused gum and learn more of the basics on this CBD Gum.
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@sheltonwillia1 YooForic CBD gum is very effective and adds a calming effect to my anxiety. When I shared my experience with friends I discovered that they were already benefiting from CBD. Highly recommend the CBD hemp infused oil gum to all who want to experience natural refreshing and even enjoy a better night’s sleep.
@sheltonwillia1 So far since I’ve been using this CBD gum, I’ve have noticed a huge improvement on my mood. My anxiety and stress isn’t near as bad as before and I actually wake up happier and energized since I sleep so much better!