Noon Pacific Records

The first community-built record label

We're creating a platform that supports emerging artists by providing services, tools, and a built-in fanbase. Modeled as a cooperative, everyone involved is working for mutual benefit — the artists, the fans and Noon Pacific all contribute to release the best new music, with value flowing back to everyone who helps along the way. Check out the full vision and roadmap on Patreon.

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I've been lucky enough to have my music featured on Noon Pacific before- Clark's playlists have a huge following. I really think he's on to something here.
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@stevebenjamins Thanks Steve — loved working with you and glad we made an impact. Looking forward to hearing more demos from you 🎶
Great mission, product and approach. Future of indie music?
@airjoshb thanks Josh — we hope so 🌴
Hey Clark! I'm a big fan of Noon Pacific's curated playlists and am excited to see it grow into something bigger 😌
i've been a huge fan of Noon for almost 2 years. sometimes i browse their site just to listen and check out the beautiful album art. Clark's (founder) vision for indie record labels is stop on, and i'm a proud supporter of all their channels. i even get daily text messages from Noon Pro, with a kickass song to listen to on-demand. go team go!
@ryanckulp 🙏🙏🙏 appreciate the support Ryan!
If you're an artist, we'd love to hear your demos — you can submit them directly here: