No More Google

Privacy-friendly alternatives to Google products ❤️


No More Google shows privacy-friendly alternatives to Google products

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Wouter van Lent
Martin LeBlanc
Isger Janson
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  • Pros: 

    Finding alternatives.


    Most alternatives are inferior. I'll stick to whatever product that solves its purpose better rather being emotinally destructive.

    Privacy is a generally overhyped and none of alternative products guarantee the privacy better than google. I kindof don't like this biasing.

    I just love google for what it has done to this world. Making it smaller and rapid. Let it do whatever it does best and not poke it.

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  • Isger Janson
    Isger JansonProduct @HHLAB_de + Host @citizenlibrary

    I like the simple presentation of the recommendations.


    I would be happy to learn more about the selection criteria and the reasons displayed why people should think about using the alternatives.

    In my opinion, there's a lot of truth in the following words regarding financial investments that can be applied to a healthy use of technology – “diversify your portfolio" (to help balance risk and reward).

    For everyone who is interested in Google alternatives because there is more to challenge and discuss than privacy issues I recommend to visit this page:

    I do use a lot of Google products and like them and many people behind the ideas – but I think we should always question their decisions and should demand more from our favorite companies and brand than just convenient products.

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  • Uğur Arıcı
    Uğur ArıcıDigital Product Manager

    Allows to find "secure" and "self hosted" alternatives.


    Should tell more about "personal information" and "privacy"

    Most of people doesn't care about their "data" and privacy. They just say "I'm not doing anything wrong" so they believe it is okay to be watched. But it is so simple "If you are not paying for a product, you are the product"

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  • Pros: 

    Some interesting products in there


    Most alternatives are way worse than Google's

    Some alternative products have a much worse user experience than the ones offered by Google (eg. search, maps).

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  • Nicholas Gurney
    Nicholas GurneyProduct Manager

    Simple, easy to see alternatives. I also love that it is crowdsourced.


    Not much information on the importance of moving away from Google. I guess you can just look at any headlines to understand

    Great product by @levelsio, props to him for dedicating time to giving back.

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  • kura
    kuraPassionate about technology.

    Great idea to add list of alternatives with votes


    I would recommend adding some more info about the alternative or a comparison (in a popup perhaps)

    Great Idea, super useful for people who care about their privacy.

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  • Dmitry A.
    Dmitry A.Every day is Monday, any day is Sunday




    Using it weekly, recommended to all my friends, great source of links, always forgot a link to ungoogled chromium, coming here to get it again.

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  • Helder S Ribeiro
    Helder S RibeiroSoftware engineer and aspiring teacher

    Solid alternatives that respect privacy and human


    Should be more widely

    I use many of the services listed and vouch for them, especially the Brave browser.

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  • Pros: 

    finding alternative


    alternatives are paid services

    privacy is a paid service ....

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  • D.W.B, guccifer's co
    D.W.B, guccifer's coold specwar vet

    no google crap



    google and face book sold all my info now I gwt 5k e-mails paer week about artificial intelligence driven arrays

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