No Man's Sky

Explore a nearly endless procedurally generated universe

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I was up until 4am playing this last night. And then was up at 8 this morning to keep playing. I like it, but it's so vast and there's very little direction. The initial onboarding walks you through certain tasks teaching you the basics with a *very* subtle guiding hand. However, now that I'm about 10 hours in it seems that I'm on my own. I worry that I will lose interest unless there is some engaging storyline that is introduced, of which I have seen none. Some other initial thoughts: * The shooting mechanics aren't great. * It has a certain Pokemon Go appeal where you discover different species (and get currency and naming rights in return). * It has a feeling that you could spend the rest of your days in this game. * I would love to see this (or a massively open world game like it) in VR at some point. (But I also fear it would replace the real world.) * It crashed consistently when interstellar warping for the first time. That being said, I honestly can't wait to spend another 80 hours in it and then be provided an ultimatum by my girlfriend.
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@joshuapinter Can you elaborate a bit on the dissonance between "I worry that I will lose interest..." and "I honestly can't wait to spend another 80 hours in it"? My worry, too, is that the various planets, systems, etc. are all essentially the same. Planet A has four-legged beasts with wings, Planet B has four-legged beasts with fur. I can't imagine this stays engaging for 80(?!) hours.
@joshuapinter bought it and was disappointed. Rough gameplay and UX - and it feels like work. Good idea, poorly executed.
@mvkel You're right. I get excited about buying a bigger ship and upgrading it, etc. That usually lasts about 40 - 80 hours and then I realize it means nothing in the real world and I return my pursuits to things that matter. It's been crashing on me every time I jump to hyperspace so I'm essentially over it now.
@webtech Agree. I think it'll pave the way for future games that correct these shortcomings.
Just found out that there is indeed NO multiplayer to speak of. I was always under the assumption that the universe is large and that's why you're unlikely to run into to anybody, at least at the beginning, but it turns out that it's actually not built into the game. By far, the biggest short-sightedness of this entire game is that they created a GALAXY to fit an endless number of people and you end up playing it all alone on your couch. Mistake. Big time mistake.
It's finally here. The massively hyped and anticipated space sim. This is the game a lot of people are predicting to be the last game they ever need to play. The creators estimate it would take roughly 5 billion years to visit each planet in the game so you definitely could spend the rest of your life playing this game. I'm certain it won't be the last game I ever play, but I am very excited to check it out. The team had ambitious goals and I can't wait to see their finished product. The PS4 version is out today and the PC version will release on the 12th. Anyone calling in sick today to check this out?
@jakecrump it takes 5 billion years to visit each planet, if only you spend 1 second for each...
@cemshid @jakecrump You forgot a couple zeroes: it's 500 billion years!
Any plans for a Mac version? Looks very cool.
I was waiting for this for 3 years. FINALLY!
What a huge achievement for such a small studio — I am sooooooo happy for Hello Games right now. 🍻