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#2 Product of the DayFebruary 01, 2020
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@gill_works Hey Michael, is there a history of all the mails you have sent out so far? Would be nice to also check the previous recommendations. Thanks a lot in advance! Best, Jean-Luc
@gill_works awesome stuff Michael! I was aware about the whole no-code trend but always felt it was for "other" people. Now, that I'm playing with some tools myself, I feel it's an exciting space and your newsletter helps me find interesting people and tools to work with. Keep it up! P.S. I absolutely loved your YouTube video explaining how you make this work.
I'd recommend placing an input validation before submitting the form, even `type="email" required` would be good 😬
@artur_arseniev Already done! (I saw your test attempt come through lol) Thank you!
@artur_arseniev @gill_works I would love to see what Artur has came up with in his test attempts! :D
Love the simple premise Gill! Glad to see you're expanding on your interest within the no-code space.
@paul_beresuita Thanks so much for the support Paul
Could you give an example of the kind of recommended products we’d see?
@max_omdal Hey Max, here's a look at the very first issue!