Automate manual data entry using AI
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What is NanoNets?
Nanonets enables self-service artificial intelligence by simplifying adoption. Easily build machine learning models with minimal training data or knowledge of machine learning.

NanoNets tech stack

We're aware of 17 technologies that NanoNets is built with. NanoNets utilizes products like Google, Intercom in their tech stack

Recent launches

Nanonets Automated Accounting
Do more business and less accounting. Automate Accounting processes, minimize financial paperwork, and be audit-ready at a fraction of cost & time.
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Nanonets Table Extractor
Save time, effort & resources spent on extracting tabular data from all kinds of documents with Nanonets’ no-code table extractor. Automatically capture any “table-like” structure, extract entire tables or just pull data from specific cells/rows/columns.
Nanonets Table Extractor image
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