Google's update to CAPTCHA just asks if you're robot

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reCAPTCHA challenges cause high frustration for users without putting up a serious barrier to sophisticated bots. Google's announcement of new No Captcha reCaptcha looks like it will solve a lot of those problems, using engagement/interaction clues as primary way to identify humans vs bots. And it's mobile friendly!
@ecetweets read the site over and over. I seriously don't get what it's offering? Can you expand on this?
@johnnyquachy @irosenb agreed - the nextweb article does a good job laying it out as well: Their main site doesn't seem to be updated yet despite the blog instructions to check it for info.
Hi all, if you want to give it a try, I've just added it to the MaterialUp submission form.
Definitely not at the same level as Google, but AreYouAHuman is neat. Check out their anti-CAPTCHA *games*:
Google for the win.....again.
Finally! I've been really frustrated with captcha in the past. Right now I'm using Sweet Captcha, but I'll give this serious consideration