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#4 Product of the DayDecember 20, 2015
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Improve your learning workflow with instantly generated flashcard decks and study session analytics.
Thanks @kwdinc for the PH shoutout! I'm Tim, cofounder & designer at NimbleNotes. Super excited to be here and happy to answer any questions. Take a look at the app and let me know what you think
@kwdinc Thanks so much for the hunt, Kevin! It's quite an honor. Hey everyone! I'm Kahmali, cofounder and CEO here at NimbleNotes. Feel free to ask me anything. I'm sure my cofounders @thick5 and @anthony_reid99 will drop in to say hello soon. We're very excited to share NimbleNotes with the Product Hunt community! I'll give you some background info on NimbleNotes in just a sec, but I wanted to drop in, introduce myself, and let you know I was here eagerly awaiting any questions or comments you might have. Fire away.
Absolutely loved the execution and the on-boarding process :) Being a student myself, this is a product that would be very productive if used regularly.. Would love to know if you're open to integrations via API's etc. I'm working on a product that revolves around notes as well.. Would love to hear from you @kahmalirose :)
@ambonium: Thanks for the kind words! We’ve been focused on perfecting the app's on-boarding experience lately so I'm glad you noticed. It was a challenge to squeeze the whole note taking and study process into a quick tour, so it's reassuring that you could see the benefit for students so clearly. Maybe we're on to something :P I'll let @kahmalirose or @anthony_reid99 answer pretty much any questions with acronyms, but let me know if you have any other questions or thoughts on design.
@ambonium Thanks so much for checking out the app! We're certainly targeting students (primarily college, but also ambitious high schoolers), so your words are like music to my ears. We haven't discussed it much, but we're definitely open to integrations with external learning tools, wherever those opportunities might arise. We don't currently expose any of our APIs publicly, but I'd love to hear more about what you had in mind. Are you able to give any specifics on the integrations you mentioned?
@kahmalirose can we catch up on Twitter?
@ambonium Yes, definitely. Shoot me a DM @kahmalirose
I really loved all the features. Looking forward to using it in the coming weeks. Great work!
@akshaybharwani Thanks Akshay! If you have any questions or comments while you're exploring around NimbleNotes during the next few weeks, feel free to reach out to me anytime at or on twitter @kahmalirose. I'd love to hear any feedback or feature requests you have. Thanks for checking the app out!
I've been looking for a good flashcard app for a while. I think this might do the trick! Any chance of a future integration with Evernote? Most of my relevant notes I'd love to convert to flashcards is hosted there.
@anderfrischer Hi Ander! Your message slipped past me. Sorry about that! I'm glad you like our flashcard and study tools. We're actively exploring potential integrations, especially for importing notes from major platforms, but we don't have any ETA for those features just yet. Currently, your only option would be to manually copy and paste your notes into NimbleNotes. Our Rich Text component will maintain all formatting, images, and links from the web or other note tools. We know many students are currently using Evernote for notetaking. We want to give you an easy way to import their notes and make use of NimbleNotes' awesome study tools, but we're limited by the archaic structure of those notes (a big reason we've worked to make our notes so....nimble). The smallest unit of notes in all these other tools is a page of notes. In NimbleNotes, the smallest unit is a single component (text, image, video), which can make slightly larger units of notes (templates), such as definitions, questions, case briefings, and soon enough any other structure you can think of, as we'll be adding a way to create your own templates. So with all these other notetaking tools, there's no way to easily pluck out all the questions or definitions (or whatever other "templates" students have manually structured) from the notes students have already taken. Because this structure isn't built into those platforms, students have been forced to create their own structures (like writing the word "Definition" before every definition, and bolding or underlining the keyword). Since each of those structures can be different, there's just no way to easily detect and convert those. So initially, importing from those platforms may be fairly limited, and you'll still have to do some work to convert those notes into templates to take advantage of the flashcard generation and study tools. For now, the best we can do is break it up by page when we import, and then build tools for more easily converting those notes into their richer, templated forms, from within NimbleNotes. Let me know if that answers your question, or if you need me to clarify anything. Sorry again for the delayed response, and thanks so much for the interest in NimbleNotes! Let me know if you have any other questions or feedback while exploring around. Thanks!