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Niice Boards are a new approach to creative presentations.

  • Sarah McBride
    Sarah McBridemarketing + social @ betaworks

    sharing features, discovery feed, the Chrome extension, bulk upload


    None :)

    I use Niice to create & share brand personality mood boards with clients. The image & text mix helps cover all bases, plus the sharing feature is really powerful in bringing the client onto the board with you to collaborate rather than just doing a 1-way presentation to them. I've found Niice particularly helpful for social media clients when we're doing a revamp or content plan for Instagram, especially when you set the board up so it looks like an Instagram feed.

    Sarah McBride has used this product for one year.
  • Mark Kelso
    Mark KelsoGlaze Digital

    Easy to use Interface, Expandable as the business grows.


    Doesnt have Screenshot ability yet ;)

    I use nice to manage moodboards on client projects, it is the simplest clearest and easiest way to do this. Only thing I wish it had was the ability to capture full screen website screenshots. But I know they are working on it. Keep up the good work the Nicce Team!

    Mark Kelso has used this product for one year.
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Camilo Bejarano
Camilo Bejarano@cbejarano_ai · Art Director/Co-founder of TheLittleLabs
looking great guys! Congrats, we'll dive in and try next project!
Chris Messina
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Looks pretty dope... curious how this will compete with InVision Boards over time...
Viljami Salminen
Viljami Salminen@viljamis · Product Designer, Founder
Love this feature and was previously using Niice for something similar. This should make things way easier.
Daniel Walter Scott
Daniel Walter Scott@danlovesadobe
I've been using Niice for years. I LOVE this new feature.