Niice Boards

Rethinking creative presentations.

Niice Boards are a new approach to creative presentations.

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11 Reviews5.0/5
looking great guys! Congrats, we'll dive in and try next project!
Looks pretty dope... curious how this will compete with InVision Boards over time...

Before using Niice, managing clients’ photos and visual assets on web design projects was a nightmare. Too many emails and calls were required to make ridiculously simple decisions. Niice changed everything. The collaborative boards eliminated the need for confusing back and forth emails, and the comments feature reduced the time needed to approve final website photos and assets by half. It will boost your productivity and leave you and your clients with a big smile. It's THAT good.


Intuitive interface



I use Niice to create & share brand personality mood boards with clients. The image & text mix helps cover all bases, plus the sharing feature is really powerful in bringing the client onto the board with you to collaborate rather than just doing a 1-way presentation to them. I've found Niice particularly helpful for social media clients when we're doing a revamp or content plan for Instagram, especially when you set the board up so it looks like an Instagram feed.


sharing features, discovery feed, the Chrome extension, bulk upload


None :)

Love this feature and was previously using Niice for something similar. This should make things way easier.