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Hey Product Hunt, creator of Nihongo here! I spent a long time studying Japanese vocabulary using Anki, Flashcards Deluxe, etc., but I found that studying using premade word lists never worked that well for me. Nihongo is built around studying the words you're encountering naturally through your own hobbies and interests. Flashcard packs are automatically generated from the words that you look up in the built-in dictionary. You can also copy and paste Japanese text into the app like song lyrics, textbook readings, videogame scripts, or books, and it will automatically find all the words contained in the text, and generate flashcards from them. I built Nihongo because it was the tool that I wanted and felt like was missing for studying Japanese. Hopefully it'll be useful for some of you too! I'd love to hear your feedback.
@chrisvasselli Looks like an awesome product. Thanks for building this.
@chrisvasselli How nice!! I really appreciate this cuz I'm Japanese. I'd like to interview you and this product as japanese article!
@micalaua Thanks, glad you like it!
@dktky18 I’d be thrilled to do an interview! E-mail me at and we can set something up! ^_^
Awesome! Looks great! Perfect for my trip to Japan! :D
@renzzemistal Nice! Would love to hear if it comes in handy for you! Have a nice trip! =)
I've always wanted to go to Japan! Made it as far as China but would love to experience Tokyo
@bentossell Tokyo is nice, I’m there right now actually! If you make it to Japan you should visit the Osaka area as well, that’s where I used to live, it’s great. Incredibly friendly people, and really good food. =)
Hey Chris :) I made an app called Swaipu (, which is a flash cards study tool for Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana. When it came time to integrate it with a dictionary app, I chose to only integrate with Nihongo because... Well because it's the best one out there. I use it everyday myself :)
@mipstian Thanks Giorgio! Swaipu is awesome too. =) I hope to do more integrations in the future, so if anyone else has an app that would benefit from linking to a Japanese dictionary, let me know!
This looks pretty good! I like that it also includes furigana (the little kana above kanjis) so you can read a sentence without stumbling over an unknown kanji.
@lynnfredricks Thanks! Yeah, it makes reading things with kanji a lot easier. I use it all the time when I get emails in Japanese. If you have some basic level of Japanese, it can be a lot more helpful just to be able to read the words and look up definitions quickly, rather than use something like Google Translate which tries to translate the grammar as well (often painfully unsuccessfully) .