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Hey there! I'm a big fan of Airbnb but sometimes renting an apartment is way more expensive than getting a hotel room. Yet, I'm into nice cool places where I'll be able to Instagram the hell out of my weekend to make my friends jealous. With NightNight you can get the best deals from nice and cool places where to stay from (without the Ikea-colored UI from Booking) Brb, planning my next weekend in London.
I love these kind of services, curating content on top of massive sites like Booking, eBay etc - definitely will try this out!
@bramk Thanks so much Bram! :)
Obivously, curating is now a business, regarding the massive volume of information on the internet. I'm curious which kind of users you defined as your early-adopters :) Great UX/UI by the way !
Thanks so much @elieslama for your support! We put a lot of effort in our product design and development. Our early-bookers and followers are typically design and experience-oriented urban travelers looking to stay at a hotel that provides more than just a bed to sleep. They're also budget-minded since they’d rather spend their money in a good local restaurant or shop than a palace. Our community on social media is also made of locals that help us surface cool affordable hotels and provide us with insider tips on their own city.
Ahh, more curation! Very cool, many of the hotels look so quaint and interesting! :) Is there a monetization model, or do you plan for one in future? edit: just saw you don't add a fee to the booking in the about section.
Hey @manasvinik Thanks a lot, glad you like our selections! Indeed, our model is based on affiliation, we only link to We get commissions for every booking we generate on their platform and don’t add any fees for the customer.
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