Slack for college students

Nido is the Slack for Gen Z - a group communication app where group members can communicate with each other and with other similar groups from around the world.
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Been following Nido since they were called Friend Theory (love the rebrand btw). Awesome product. I'm a big traveller myself and Nido is a fantastic way to drop into communities across the globe. Would highly recommend giving it a try. As a product its super slick they've done a fantastic job with UX/UI. The team's marketing is also next level good - makes you want to ditch your office job and hit the road and not turn back!
Hey Product Hunt it’s Carlos here, one of the founders of Nido! Thanks @benln for hunting us 🎯 I’ll be here all day to answer any questions you might have and gather feedback from as much of you as possible but in the meantime let me jump in and explain why we started Nido and how it works: Nido is the Slack for Gen Z and our goal is to connect the GenZ through global communities. We aim to do this through our mobile app, a group communication tool where group members can communicate with each other and with other similar groups from around the world. Our feed is custom-made to accommodate the needs and desires of university clubs, by using channels and threads you can say goodbye to messy group chats and privacy intruding Facebook groups once and for all!  We are taking the concept of slack but adding fun features such as meetups, polls and video threads to be used for casual communication, where our aim is to appeal to a younger audience. On top of that, university clubs can connect with similar clubs from different schools around the world, so they can gain access to a global network of like minded to meetup and share ideas. We are currently in beta, testing the app out with various schools in the US, UK and Australia. I’d love to hear what the Product Hunt community thinks of this and if anyone is interested in joining the team, we are currently hiring, so checkout our Angel List profile 😁 Cheers! Carlos
Hi @benln @carloscosta! I really loved the idea and it definitely fills a huge gap that exist in this industry! Really looking forward to it's application, branding is dope! Also, would love to feature it on my Instagram handle and business Podcast, which will expose it to masses here in India. Looking forward to your reply!
Hey @porush_puri glad you like it and we'd be glad for you to share it!
Giving me Islands vibes! cc @gregisenberg
@gregisenberg @rrhoover someone has to fill the gap 😁
This is really a great app! 👍
Sick app and such a great way to travel the world and be a part of the local and international community!!