Nice Sex Tracker

Privacy centric sex and intimacy tracking app for iOS

You don't have to sacrifice privacy to keep track of your sex life in the digital age. Track your intimate activities, partners, locations, and more privately. Get insight into your sex life with stats which can improve your sexual health and satisfaction.
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Thanks again @chrismessina for hunting my app! Hope people can get as much use out of it as my wife and I have!
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@_scottjulian have you noticed any changes or improvements or trends over time? Is it a tool for having conversations or rather for personal awareness and insight?
@chrismessina Great question! We have definitely notice an increase in frequency as well as enjoyment. With 2 kids in the house, it serves as a reminder that we as a couple need to make time for intimacy for ourselves. We both love reading our stats and my wife loves seeing the map of places around the world we have been intimate!
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@_scottjulian awesome! That's a great result! :)
Loved this ๐Ÿš€ ...any plans on adding variations to change the app icon ? Other than that, your app is very needed with the LGBTQ+ community โ€”Grindr cross promotion maybe?
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@antonio_dmya There are options within the app to select a different app icon. Several feature the bunny with different color schemes, but I am cooking up a few alternatives without the bunny. Many of my friends in the LGBTQ+ have mentioned that they love my app as well!
I basically hunted something like the analog version of this last week, so maybe you're sensing a theme? Indeed, well โ€” data is often good, and self-reflection is too, so why not in this domain? @_scottjulian seems to love to receive feedback (via email) and he's very responsive, so if you've ever wanted to track this kind of data (as I have) this app is probably exactly what you've been looking for!
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My brain immediately read this as "Nice Sex Trafficker." Still, it made me stop scrolling, in "wait, what?" sort of way.