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The best alternatives to Nice Sex Tracker are Pillow , A Sex Journal for Couples and Blindfold. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Nice Sex Tracker
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  • Pillow is a couples mindfulness app designed to guide you both through intimacy building practices and exercises, that ultimately support you to have a richer, deeper and more loving relationship.

  • A Sex Journal for Couples is a beautiful, shared journal designed to give couples resources and space to reflect on and explore their sex life together.

  • Siri for sex. Your digital foreplay assistant.

  • Amorus makes digital intimacy more private (encryption, deletion controls, emoji shortcuts), more engaged (embedded tools for consent/boundaries/etc), and more inspired (mini-games to flirt and uncover shared f...See more

  • We are the world's first video platform for reliable erections. Our product connects men suffering with erection issues (now 30% of men by the age of 30) with world class professional help to diagnose and rehab...See more

  • Spicer is a mobile app for couples to improve sex. Spicer improves couple's sex life. Both partners install Spicer on their phones and answer questions about sex.

  • Eforia (formerly Do You) is an app designed to make sexual self-discovery fun and engaging. Play out exciting fantasies as the main character in erotic stories via texts. Experience your favorite turn-ons or fi...See more

  • Kama
    8. Kama
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    The best sex education app for pleasure and intimacy. Learn from world-class experts & coaching and transform your sex life with 100s of tips, tutorials, and courses. Kama is for singles and couples of all gend...See more

  • HookBook is designed for you to better manage your sexual health. You can easily log your activities and partners' info, save images or videos, and use the PrEP/TasP/ART reminder to track your medication.